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Thread: non-NHL Edmonton hockey 2016-2017 season

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    Default non-NHL Edmonton hockey 2016-2017 season

    So a bit late maybe for this thread, but no other place to put this:

    In the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference Men's Hockey finals, it will be an all Edmonton grudge match pitting the MacEwan Griffins against the NAIT Ooks, this coming weekend.

    NAIT finished higher (first) in the standings which will give them home ice advantage over MacEwan (who were second.)

    Promises to be a fantastic series.
    Let's make Edmonton better.

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    ACAC Men's Hockey Championship Finals - Schedule Announced
    Mar 13, 2017

    Edmonton, March 13, 2017 – The ACAC Men's Hockey Championship will be a best of 3 series between the NAIT Ooks (#1) and MacEwan Griffins (#2) from March 17-19, 2017. The NAIT Ooks had advanced to the Championship defeating the Augustana Vikings (#4) 2 games to 1; 2-3 (OT), 4-1 and 3-1. In the other semi-final series the MacEwan Griffins won their series 2-0 against the SAIT Trojans (#3), 3-2 (OT) and 5-3.

    NAIT Ooks (#1) vs. MacEwan Griffins (#2)

    Fri., March 17, 7:00 P.M. NAIT Arena
    GMU @ NAIT

    Sat., March 18, 6:00 P.M. Downtown Community Arena
    NAIT @ GMU

    * Sun., March 19, 6:30 P.M., NAIT Arena
    GMU @ NAIT

    *If necessary


    Watch these games on

    For those not familiar with ACAC Men's Hockey, some subnotes:

    1. They play in an 8 team league, and this is an extremely rare event to have both teams in the finals based in Edmonton. I don't know if it has ever happened, but you're welcome to do your own research...
    2. The hockey is typically considered a step down from the University league, although "upsets" in exhibition games do happen more than occaisionally.
    3. NAIT has always been a perenniel powerhouse in ACAC, having won 16 championships and three of the last four.
    4. ^ That's including a truly spectacular campaign last year with exactly zero losses, including pre-season exhibition wins over both the U of A Golden Bears and UBC Thunderbirds in their home arenas!
    5. MacEwan has been quite the opposite with only one championship in their history coming back in the 2003/2004 season.
    6. Historically both programs are notable for having Olympic Gold Medalist Shannon Szabados as their starting goalie. She helped MacEwan win a silver medal against SAIT in 2008, and helped NAIT win the Gold in 2012/2013, and set the current league record of 5 regular season shutouts en route.
    7. The brontosaurus in the room is that it's well known that MacEwan wishes to "graduate" to the University league, although the timeline for that is unknown to me. Being in the finals is certainly timely, and just last weekend the MacEwan women's team won their championship series against the league's other pereniel powerhouse, SAIT. Very clearly GMU has stepped up their hockey program on all fronts to coincide with their move into the Downtown Community Rink.
    Let's make Edmonton better.

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    No score after one, but what a game.

    Great atmosphere in here! I think the MacEwan women's hockey team is here (champions) cheering as a unit. Raucous!
    Let's make Edmonton better.

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    Tied at 2 after 2.

    Fantastic atmosphere. Could feel the building shake when the goals were scored!

    Lots of chirping in the bleachers between fans.
    Let's make Edmonton better.

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    Let's make Edmonton better.

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    Double overtime!
    Let's make Edmonton better.

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    So, shorthanded in double overtime, Griffins' leading scorer, Brent Njaa finally ends it. MacEwan fans went nuts, NAIT fans simply stunned.

    Fantastic game, fantastic crowd, too bad it had to end.

    I tried to re-watch the game winning goal on, and unbelievably they missed switching the camera to NAIT's net in time to see the goal! Lol. Had to be there indeed. I also noticed the lack of crowd noise on but don't be fooled. It was just bouncing in there. Best party of the year.

    Game 2 goes tomorrow at the DCA (Downtown Community Arena) at 6:00 P.M. Tickets I believe will be $5.00, and you have to enter from outside (by the LRT station.) It's a best of three, so this could be the last game of the year. (And possibly the last game of MacEwan in ACAC.)
    Let's make Edmonton better.

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    The great hockey fans of Edmonton sold-out @RogersPlace for @EdmOilKings finale (18,000+) today. 9400+/game in rebuilding season. Well-done!

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    So re: NAIT vs MacEwan:

    Long story short: MacEwan won the series 2 games to 1. Now they sit down to negotiate entrance into Canada West Inter-university Hockey as the champions of both ACAC Mens and Women's leagues.

    Clearly they did all they could to pad their resume.

    I didn't get to see the game at the Downtown Community arena on Saturday, but NAIT took it 4-1 to bring the game back for the deciding game at NAIT on Sunday. I looked at the archive, and it was tied for most of the game until the third when NAIT scored on the powerplay, then got an empty netter, and then got a kind of a flukey bounce for the fourth goal immediately after. Wasn't the dominant one-sided story the score might suggest.

    I did get to the Sunday game.

    1st period:
    Both on the ice and off, the first period looked like a bunch of kids who were playing their third game in three days, with projects due at 8:00 A.M. Monday morning. No score, no real pep.

    2nd period:
    Suddenly the MacEwan pep squad (whom I still suspect are the MacEwan Women's team) showed up and took control of the atmosphere, but it seemed like their energy flowed straight into the NAIT players (???) who just started dominating, and brought the score up to 3-1.

    3rd period:
    The MacEwan cheer squad went quiet, and again, the NAIT players seemed to respond (???) by sitting back on their heels and taking something like four undisciplined penalties. I was totally thinking "what the hell are you guys thinking????" and sure enough, MacEwan capitalised once, then twice, then...

    Finally with some energy in the building, the teams both pushing beyond the fatigue, MacEwan with fewer chances but better quality ones, wins it.

    Congrats to both. Wouldn't say either team deserved to lose, and both played fair and fun hockey.

    I might say to the League, they should see if they can find a way to put a day's rest into the finals. Or make it a best of five over two weekends, like with the women's format.

    Wonderful to see an all-Edmonton series though. In one league or another, that would be a treat to see again. (hopefully I get to both arenas this time.)
    Let's make Edmonton better.


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