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May 27 2016 |  
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EPS to Host Second Online Town Hall Meeting
Monday April 16, 2012

Last April, the EPS hosted its first ever online town hall meeting, answering over 80 questions on a range of topics including traffic concerns, general EPS procedures, legal questions and concerns regarding specific problems within the city. Each question was then researched and answered by the subject matter experts.

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Edmonton Police Service Town Hall
Monday April 04, 2011

The Edmonton Police Service will connect with residents in its first ever online town hall meeting this month. It’s a new and innovative way to reach members of the community that may not normally attend a traditional town hall.

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Alberta Election
Thursday March 10, 2011
Phil Elder

An Alberta General Election is expected in the next fifteen months, most probably in early 2012. Popular wisdom and the mass media say that Ed Stelmach’s Progressive Conservative government is in trouble, having fumbled the ball on various policy issues, from medicare, through the Monty Python-like oil and gas royalty review, to poor oversight of oil sands’ phasing and their environmental impact.

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