This spring has been quite incredible and things are quite a bit ahead of a typical year. As such, I have been wanting to share with you some of the wonderful parts of my neighbourhood.


Just down the block, our Provincial Legislature and new plaza.

The beautiful Federal Building and new atrium/expansion.

A new high-rise in the distance.


The Royal Bowling Club mid battle.

The south lawn is always a fun place to catch kids, families, folks playing or doing some nice music.

Our spot.

An urban oasis if there ever was one.:cheers:

One River Park, bling bling if money weren't a thing.

The first curtain wall tower in AB.

Less memorable buidlings.


One of the many reasons I love this City.:tup:

Symphony condo u/c, speaking of bling bling.

Light and shadow, shadow and light.

The mind's eye

A modernist fav and modern.

More modernist

My neighbour, so cute.

An old dame.

Our street.

Home sweet home:tup:

The front yard.

The balcony

Looking NW and in the distance the new Norquest College addition.

Where it all began.

A demain.