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Thread: Whyte Avenue Strathcona February 2016

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    Default Whyte Avenue Strathcona February 2016

    Today I went for a walk through Strathcona along Whyte. Nice day, lots of sun, lots of people out. Here's the result.

    It was an inauspicious start.

    But still some interesting shops even east of 99th.

    Big brother keeping us safe.

    This and other nearby developments have brought a lot of life to Whyte east of Gateway.

    Obligatory shot of solar-powered crosswalks.

    Streetscape is organic and authentic.

    Ye olde Dominion Hotel. How long has it been a Ninja club?

    More interesting shops.

    Souvenir of art walk and eParking.

    More street scenes.

    If you look closely you begin to realize all sorts of interesting stuff happens upstairs and backstage.

    As much as I hate smoking it sure brings a lot of people outside to partake. (This is especially true in the evenings.)

    Does anyone actually read these signs?

    Almost thought O'Byrne's would have the patio open.

    Getting close to the end.

    I like the run-down signage, adds character.

    The other end.

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    Cool. It's been years since I went down Whyte. Good to see it's as strong as ever.
    Let's make Edmonton better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayBee View Post
    Cool. It's been years since I went down Whyte.
    Because it's not near an LRT station?
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    ^ yeah, if there were a station I probably would go several times per year. I avoid buses. But it's also farther past similar options for me from where I live/work.
    Let's make Edmonton better.


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