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Thread: LRT station design - MADE - Oct 27,2015

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    Default LRT station design - MADE - Oct 27,2015

    What other LRT/subway designs should Edmonton emulate going forward? Why so? What original ideas do you have for Edmonton's LRT design?

    Join us for drinks and snacks at the Common on Tuesday October 27, 2015 at 7:30pm for the latest in our series of Bi-monthly socials. MADE wants to talk LRT Design with you!

    Submit your ideas via this poll:

    and come out for a night of chatter with MADE members.

    Free for members (or become a member for only $20)
    Donation of $10.00 for non-members


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    Corona and Bay/Enterprise Square are the nicest.

    Can Central and Churchill be made to look like them?

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    I like the open/airy/modern look of Health Sciences and Kingsway/Royal Alex too.

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    When we say "design" do we mean appearance? Or station functionality? Or system reach and interaction with other modes? Or sociological effect?

    Not trolling, honest. Just if it's about appearance, I probably don't have much to add. Maybe check out Toei Oedo Line Iidabashi station; extremely deep (maybe one of the deepest under Tokyo), but has a neat sculpture representing a seed's underground lust for sunshine:


    That's all I've got. (Actually this picture doesn't do it much justice.)

    Unless, of course, we're talking about something else when we say design...
    Let's make Edmonton better.


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