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    Default public schools in Edmonton

    Hi ,

    I'm new to Edmonton looking for a school for kid in 2nd grade.

    I am confused about the school selection.

    According to our apartment people suggest that I have to send my kid to Forest Heights School.

    Please do let me know something about the school.

    Any good schools near by?


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    Quite frankly, any school in Edmonton would be fine. Pick one that's close to home so that you can walk there.
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    I think all Edmonton public schools are fine, at the end of the day, if your kid can't motivate themselves to do well academically, being pushed isn't going to make them that way.

    But, if you are concerned about academics, you can look at the Fraser Institute rankings:


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    You likely do not "have" to send you child to the FH school. You probably have a choice of schools. Some schools have the flexibility to take students from outside the immediate community and even try to attract such students (language emersion, etc). Also, i've heard of some site that rates or ranks Edmonton's schools that you can review. That may be the one in the post above or there may be another one as well.

    If you apply at a school for which busing is your only option apply for busing ASAP and then cancel if not needed. You are past the spring deadline for busing so if needed, again, apply ASAP. They actually prefer that as they can still integrate you child into the early route designs and you may be able to have busing available by late Sept or early October, or maybe sooner if that school's bus already stops nearby... The school will be able to help you there because the epsb.transportation people won't for security / child safety reasons.

    Google epsb transportation and skim their FAQ section.

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