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    Upon enrollment at my childrens local elementry school,
    I recieved a bill for $600 for their at school lunch program.
    $200 for each of my 3 children.

    What it pays for, as I was told, is the hiring of staff to
    monitor the children during lunch break. I was also informed
    that I would not be required to pay the fee if my children were
    to return home during lunch hour.

    Is this something that applies to all schools in Edmonton?

    It seems unfair as I have a low income. I work very hard everyday.
    I don't feel that I should have to ask for handouts from the government
    to be able to keep my children in school.

    Is there some avenue I can travel to get out of paying for this?

    If I had the extra $600, perhaps I would not have to worry so much
    about other monthly expences.

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    I've never heard of that before. That seems ridiculous. My wife is a teacher and the staff take turns supervising lunches and hallways. Part of the job.

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    Depends on the school. When I went kids had to pay 1 dollar a day or 20 a month to sit in the gym at lunch or go home.

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    So it looks like roughly the same rate now, school being ~10 months & all.

    While I definitely understand the original poster's plight, it doesn't seem all that unreasonable to me. It's been a long, long time for me & elementary school, but I remember my school using parent volunteers to supervise lunch & recess. If volunteers are unavailable it's unreasonable for the teachers to be forced to forgo their legally required & earned work breaks in order to supervise the kids. Bringing in outside help would likely be more cost-effective as well as otherwise you'd have to ensure an overage of teachers to conform to labour and contractual obligations.

    I'd rather have a teacher working on lesson plans (or even getting mentally refreshed for the afternoon) than have them watching kids snarf down their Lunchables.

    Perhaps there's a subsidy program for low-income parents? Have you looked into that?
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    I should have also mentioned low income kids were made an exception after a discussion with the principal. Talk to someone, explain the situation and it should work out

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    Check to see if you fall under any of these categories.
    It's EPS web-site, you did not state what school board.
    Hopefully you get some help.
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    As I understand it, the Lunch program is to pay for parent volunteers who supervise. No program, no volunteers, so no supervision.

    Now that's where I get confuesed. I grew up downunder, and we had lunch without supervision (even at 5 years old). Why aren't Canadian kids able to do that?

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    ^Usually volunteers don't get paid.
    It's a different world now. Kid gets hurt at lunch break and there is no supervision more than likely the school gets sued. Kid chokes on food or has an allergic reaction, same thing.
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    ^Rich schools find they can't get any volunteers, so they have to pay. The money isn't lining the schools, its lining the volunteers. Yeah, I've heard about the "sue" thing, its pretty stupid IMO, but whatever.

    If I was a parent who couldn't afford it, I'd just send my kid with lunch, say "you can't come home", and let the school deal with it. I don't see how they can force you to pay.

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    It is that time of year again and I recieved my "request to pay" letter.

    The 2010-2011 was my families first year in Canada.
    With three children and a combined family income of less than $40,000.
    I guess I have to ask the principle to not take away from my family.
    I'd much rather pay down my gas and electric bill.

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    This is truly awful. What sort of a system in a wealthy country cannot fund for their own students to have the privilege of eating indoors? Seriously, this makes me irate. Education is a right, it is not a privilege. While I certainly do not feel teachers should take on the onus of working through their lunch breaks, you have to be kidding me that the government cannot fund paid staff for the lunch hour.

    This is disgusting. It marginalizes the very people our free country should be helping to become the leaders of tomorrow. Oh, you are a working mother or father trying to make ends meet and cannot be home to supervise your child for lunch? Sorry, pay up or your kid eats in the hallway alone and unsupervised? I cannot express how disgusting I think this is on so many levels.


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