View Full Version : "Look Left - Look Right" decals

11-05-2006, 03:15 PM
When I drive to work, at red lights, I look around at the other drivers and many seem to be in some sort of trance like state - staring straight ahead. When the light changes they just go for it.

Soooo... I'd like to suggest that beside some of Edmonton's overhead traffic lights some sort of tactful, unobtrusive, socially acceptable sign or decal be put up (or spray painted on the cross members) saying something like:

'On Green - look left, look right - before proceeding'

or even "Remember to <- ->"

or something better.

My father once mentioned a NewYork cabby interview, a cab driver with a long term accident free record, where he said he; 'saved is own life one a week or something like that by simply looking before proceding into intersections. Someone was always running a red light.' Maybe something to get people thinking about that here, might help.

Barry N
12-05-2006, 03:16 PM
That's a good idea.My wife & I were in England,this past year,and they have something like that painted on the road at each crosswalk for pedestrians. The only problem is that ,Edmonton drivers only use the concept of a stop sign as a 'suggestion'

12-05-2006, 04:44 PM
As this too would be. Yes, I saw those in London - they actually work for us North American left-handers trained to look left and step.

In New Zealand I saw a number of road safety billboards in the country with great little quips to get one thinking. (Not that mindless, motivational pap mind you.) Basically, if advertising doesn't work - why does the corporate sector spend billions on it.

Done properly and cheaply - what's the risk to trying an intersection or two and checking public reaction?