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Jacques Sirois
10-11-2006, 08:17 PM
Dear C2E,

Edmonton needs to grow up as a major, Canadian, urban centre and as the capital of prosperous Alberta. Our young city is somewhat immature culturally but rich in potential. Here are examples of what I would like to see happen in Edmonton during its second century of life.

Essentially, what I want is an interesting, stimulating, beautiful and original city centre with fantastic cultural institutions and edgy, “green”, urban infrastructure, accessible by foot, bicycle or transit, such as:

1) Edmonton Hockey Central: Canada’s spiffiest, signature hockey arena with attached “world’s best” ice hockey museum, right in the heart of Hockey Heartland.

2) Edmonton Energy Museum: the best energy museum in Canada, all about oil sands and other forms of fossil and renewable energy in Alberta and Canada, two energy superpowers.

3) Gateway to the North Park: the world’s largest collection of innukshuks, to celebrate our intricate connections to the Arctic, built with the help of the Inuit.

4) Edmontosaurus Discovery Centre: exhibits on our unique, urban palaeontological heritage, built with the help of the U. of A.

5) Riverfront First Nations Village: an arts and craft centre, wild-food restaurant and First Nations Interpretive Centre, built with local Native groups.

6) Fort Edmonton National Historic Site: invite Parks Canada to develop this site with maps and models of all Edmonton forts, and staffed with professional historians. Open daily, year-round; a perfect complement to seasonal Fort Edmonton Park.

7) The Riverwall: a wide, paved, multi-use trail on the north shore of the river, between Riverdale and Government Park (below Provincial Museum), with a few edgy, riverfront bistros and bicycle service stations.

8 ) Riverview Bistros: a few, glass-walled bistros on bluffs (e.g. Ezzio Faraone Park, Victoria Promenade or Grant Notley Park) overlooking the valley, where I can sip wine, eat bison shish kebabs and listen to Tommy Bank’s music.

9) Double bike trail network with serious trails to city centre, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan and Devon, and yes, with connections to a bike trail to Calgary, Alberta Beach/Lac Ste. Anne and Jasper.

10) Develop serious, rapid transit going east, west, north and south, and to the airport (in 20 minutes)… Transit with room for bicycles, please. It can be done. Go see what they have done in Oslo, the capital of another oil kingdom…

11) Maintain and possibly expand our green and wild river valley as much as possible. The valley must remain our main asset. Allow only smart and beautiful infrastructure (e.g. riverwall and bistros, no more bloody parking lots…) that enhances rather than destroys its natural beauty.

Yours truly,

Jacques Sirois

10-11-2006, 08:38 PM
All great ideas, and the SECOND time a Native Canadian museum has been mentioned....;)

10-11-2006, 09:08 PM
Great ideas! I can see a common points across many many ideas.
So far I see:
-River Valley Promenades
-Massive Rapid Transit Expansion
-New museums (I really like the Energy one, and I have suggest before a museum of modern industry)

10-11-2006, 11:57 PM
Those do sound like great ideas. Would an energy museum work at the Epcor site in the river valley?

And again rapid transit, LRT is a big big big must.

Another museum that is going to happen eventually, hopefully sooner than later is the Ukranian cultural museum on jasper ave over looking the river valley.

A hockey museum would be great but I think the hockey hall of fame might take issue if we tried to be the number on museum. I'd say we should simply focus on sports in general from Edmonton as we have a rich sporting history here. But it could still be located at the arena.

Also for the river valley parks, once Louise McKinney park is totally complete it would be great if they could continue the walkway they're building further west to eventually come to the Walterdale bridge which of course is right where the native memorial is being built if I'm not mistaken.

11-11-2006, 12:42 AM
It has been mentioned that when we build a new ice arena we should put a hockey museum, but also someone mentoned a sports hall of fame slash Museum. That is a really good idea as most stuff for sports the city has collected is in City Hall, where people dont see it as far as I remember. A hockey museum would compete with the Hockey Hall in TO, it is true. I am so surprised that with all the sports talk shows around, it doesnt get talked about.

11-11-2006, 01:16 AM
CFL....Hall of Fame...

14-11-2006, 12:49 AM
More from JS - via e-mail to me...

1) Central Farmer’s Market: a centrally-located, serious market open daily, year-round. Edmonton is surrounded by a very substantial agricultural community and deserves a market open more than a few hours on Saturday. Huge numbers of workers in the city centre would likely make it a very successful facility.

It is beyond me why we do not have already a substantial market open daily in our large city.

2) Downtown John Janzen Nature and River Centre: relocate this underused and poorly-located (not immediately on the river’s edge) facility on the downtown riverfront to tell the whole story of the North Saskatchewan River, from the Rockies to Husdon Bay; with serious aquariums displaying most of the fish species (sturgeon and all) and other aquatic wildlife that thrives in our beloved and important river. Without the river, Edmonton is basically very ordinary… or nothing.

14-11-2006, 12:54 AM
John janzen relocation, that is a good idea. That place is a good idea, but so poorly situated and underutilized it will never grow into anything of substance.