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28-10-2006, 03:07 AM
Thanks for the idea uberurban.

This can be used for Edmonton specific acronyms or non-common forum acronyms too. Mods feel free to add definitions to this OP.

Everyone else feel free to request definitions.

ACE: Advertizing Club of Edmonton
ACRA: Alberta Capital Region Alliance
AGT: Alberta Government Telephone
AHD: Anthony Henday Drive
ATCO: Alberta Trailer Company
BRT: Bus rapid transit (http://www.gobrt.org/).
C2E: Connect2Edmonton.ca (http://www.connect2edmonton.ca/)
CP: Century Park
CPRS: Canadian Public Relations Society (of Edmonton)
DECL: Downtown Edmonton Community League
Ed Tel: Old Edmonton Telephone (before turning into AGT and then Telus)
EDE: Economic Development Edmonton (Previous name of the organization now known as EEDC)
EEDC: Edmonton Economic Development Corporation
EMS: Emergency Medical Services
ENMAX: Same as EPCOR but owned by the City of Calgary with aim to take over the Edmonton market with tempting contracts...
EPCOR: Edmonton Power Corporation
EPS: Edmonton Police Service
ETS: Edmonton Transit System
HSR: High Speed Rail
JV: Joint Venture
LRT: Light Rail Transit
LTU: ???
OP: Opening Post
OT: Overtime Bar & Grill
QE2: Queen Elizabeth II Highway
RHW: Rice Howard Way
SEC: South Edmonton Common
sLRT: South LRT expansion
SSC: www.SkyScraperCity.com (http://www.skyscrapercity.com/)
SSP: www.SkyScraperPage.com (http://www.skyscraperpage.com/)
TOD: Transit oriented development (http://www.transitorienteddevelopment.org/)
T's & C's: Terms and Conditions
WEM: West Edmonton Mall
YEG: Edmonton International Airport
YYC: Calgary International Airport
YVR: Vancouver International Airport
YXD: Edmonton Municipal Airport

28-10-2006, 12:12 PM
What I am going to do here to avoid confusion is to lock this thread to prevent a run on post. If you have an Edmonton Specific Acronym to add to the ESAG, then PM it to a mod ASAP and they will add it to the list PDQ. ;)

Send it to:


Any other mods that would like to volunteer, PM me.

I will also delete the duplicate post from m0nkyman as Ceres added it to the OP.