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  1. Edmonton is becoming "dirty"! call police please
  2. Cariwest Parade - lame
  3. jasper avenue banners and flags
  4. Seeking advice on condominium problem
  5. Drivers really are this stupid
  6. Mystery Rain??
  7. Farmer's market lights
  8. WTF is this?????HONESTLY
  9. Boring city????
  10. SEC rant
  11. Poor Puppies (boarding Kennel disapointment)
  12. Pyromaniac in our city? Recent house fires
  13. City Parkade (like Impark's Bay Parkade)
  14. Hey Subway on Rice Howard and Jasper - CLEAN UP YOUR ACT!!!
  15. poor seating arrangements on LRT
  16. Cyclist dies in hit & run (Orig. story published Sep. 15 2007)
  17. graffiti
  18. why we're in the state we're in :)
  19. Area needs more police patrols
  21. Would the helicopter whirling over my house please go away!!
  22. Political Litter
  23. Not impressed with most municipal election candidates
  24. Weather Channel
  25. Chinatown along 97 street needs a good cleaning
  26. Thanks for the paint job, Native Mafia
  27. Election a week away! Garr!
  28. Da Capo Cafe
  29. A great crop of weeds.
  30. To those who didn't bother to vote
  31. Baker Trial
  32. PUB 1905 and oilers games
  33. Boom alone doesn't excuse poor service
  34. Fed Up with AIR 1 Police Helicopter
  35. Canada Post & the lack of delivery
  36. Auto prices in Canada vs. the US
  37. Anyone else think $100K a year to be a cop is too much?
  38. Downtown bakery needed
  39. Drug Houses in s terwillegar
  40. Broken Windows On Jasper
  41. Snow removal 2007/2008
  42. Mechanics
  43. Economic boom seems to be only for the greedy people
  44. Kal Tire.....terrible
  45. Lowlifes stealing Remembrance Day collection boxes
  46. Kitten Found
  47. Idiots on 104st
  48. The sidewalk is not part of your bar...
  49. City Images - edm/cal tale of two cities
  50. Ticketed while operation a city of Edmonton vechile
  51. tax breaks for politicians
  52. Cowardly bastards
  53. I wish there were self-serve Lottery machines
  54. Boxing Day Already?
  55. Kerry spouts off about snow removal
  56. Can't believe such cruelty still exists in this city...
  57. Keep the doors open!
  58. Sick of hearing about homeless people.
  59. Could something else other than sand be used on our roads?
  60. travel deals, but not from edmonton
  61. Student loans versus athlete loans
  62. The Great Pedestrian Debate
  63. Police interview after a fatal stabbing
  64. Coffee Cup Disgrace
  65. Edmonton Hotel rates
  66. small yellow construction bins everywhere
  67. Seriously, Snow Removal in Edmonton!
  68. Attention: Telus tower building operators
  69. Guess who gets left out...AGAIN
  70. If the number 99 did not exist . . .
  71. Too many people just don't get it
  72. West Edmonton Mall new Roller Coaster - Galaxy Orbitor
  73. Those "sand boxes" around downtown
  74. Commercial Parking zones downtown
  75. Skaters, skiers want BrightNights unplugged
  76. Dirty city
  77. Bus Link. What is an altarnative?
  78. these atrocities keep happening - why?
  79. Mazda 3 door lock issue
  80. Global says downtown is dangerous
  81. Telus
  82. Weather is FREEZING how do you cope?
  83. Greyhound Depot
  84. rant on TV and get answers from politicos!
  85. What is the Journal going to fill space with now...
  86. Shrinkage
  87. UPDATE - South terwillegar Drug Houses
  88. Snow removal?
  89. rant: streetfront parking lots
  90. Edmonton Car Show
  91. student abuse at Alberta School for the Deaf.
  92. Downtown Dining Week - PATHETIC
  93. What's The Point?
  94. Airfare prices within Canada
  95. People complaining about parking rates
  96. E-town: Be it ever so humble
  97. Potholes not just an Edmonton problem
  98. calgary dealership
  99. City TV Edmonton doing Calgary News?
  100. This City is Disgusting: Time for a C2E Clean up crew?
  101. C2E time at bottom of page
  102. Unfinished City Projects
  103. Mess outside the King & I
  104. stupid transit
  105. BBB thinks Alberta is run out of Calgary?
  106. Reservations anyone???
  107. downtown billboards
  108. Senior stabbed to death in apparent random attack
  109. Gas prices too high? Let's tax oil profits!
  110. Wasting police resource: Always a Fire at Smokin Joes
  111. Court over turns sniffer dogs
  112. Ticketmaster to close Edmonton call centre
  113. High Level Bridge drag strip – hee haw!
  114. Global News rant
  115. Downtown grime-stopper
  116. Cops swarmed tryng to break up a fight
  117. Cop charged with impaired driving in early morning crash.
  118. Jasper Ave. is Disgusting - Photorant
  119. Why block off lanes when there's no construction?
  120. Edmontonians urged to 'buddy up' on garbage day
  121. Tax hikes for central & Northeast Edmonton...
  122. Posting
  123. McDonalds is not FAST food
  124. Natural Gas rates to nearly double
  125. Another street sweeping photo rant
  126. Safe Injection - Why do some Judges keep trying to be law makers?
  127. Per[fume]
  128. Animal Abuse
  129. Sticky situation -- Adult only buildings
  130. Christmas lights to be replaced
  131. Five girls charged after downtown robberies
  132. Edmonton losing out on kids
  133. Hate crimes: Edmonton #4 of 9 big cities.
  134. another reason !
  135. Empire Theatres, Edmonton City Centre - You Get an F
  136. CBC.ca lacking local storm coverage
  137. Small font in telephone directory
  138. Aggressive Panhandling
  139. bike thieves & bums
  140. Victoria Promenade - Trees? What Trees?
  141. 780 prefix
  142. Canada Day & No flag
  143. Need to control what you think is obsessive? raise the price!
  144. Get ready to pay for incoming text messages
  145. Sicko in Black Ford pickup
  146. Criminal investigation underway into Edm. train derailment
  147. Violence and cruelty in other cities
  148. Police After Hours Club
  149. Construction along 100 Ave - West End
  150. A few morning rants
  151. Peoples Word means nothing.......
  152. Millwoods fire bombings
  153. Edmonton losing excellent journalists
  154. Girl assaulted in Leduc playground -- Let's help find the sicko.
  155. McKinsey and Associates to study our health-care system
  156. Vandals wreck statues of Chinese garden
  157. Buildings in Edmonton...a rant
  158. Capital Ex attendance confidential
  159. Insurance greed
  160. Trip to the mountains......expensive outing.
  161. Heritage Festival Business???
  162. Police Traffic Crackdown
  163. Ye olde clock tower
  164. Telus Sucks!
  165. School Bus Vandalism
  166. Right side drive cars
  167. Heritage Crapinade (Trail)
  168. Loosing battle for Respect.
  169. Losing respect for homeless, beggars - why do they get so much city funding??
  170. Youth
  171. Some designated bike path education for drivers.
  172. sticky situation...
  173. Pedestrians trying to kill.........
  174. Street people, bums, and aggressive panhandlers in this city
  175. Intolerance and unwillingness to try to understand--a growing problem in edmonton
  176. Goodbye c2e this place reeks of corruption....
  177. Holiday Inn new fence
  178. Shaw (SCC) needs to think about access to their building
  179. Lessons for Edmonton? - "New Stadiums: Prices, and Outrage, Escalate"
  180. 112th Street and 87th Avenue reconstruction.
  181. Weakening minds
  182. Rice Howard Way (South)
  183. Travel Alberta... AGAIN
  184. Crime fears higher in capital region
  185. An Ode to Ralph
  186. Expedia
  187. Children back at school...Drive safe
  188. Ripoff at the pumps
  189. Urban design elements in the innercity. Hall D.
  190. CBC broadcasts "Living Calgary" in Edmonton
  191. Ford f 650
  192. The bar/patrons in the Comfort Inn
  193. Downtown Parking
  194. squealing tires down McDougall Hill Road
  195. Off peak LRT service
  196. Are Edmonton Drivers Getting Worse?
  197. Cyclist nailed
  198. Sport Check Rant, United Cycle Rave
  199. Does the average Edmontonian really care about the environment?
  200. Il Portico Closes to make room for PARKING LOT?!
  201. Do We Have Too Many Bars?
  202. 2009 - 10.5% Tax Increase for Edmonton Homeowners
  203. Facism fails again
  204. Security Sytem Scam?
  205. Radio Station uses name of seven year old
  206. No more Tongue and Groove on CKUA
  207. Third World election website...
  208. RHW/Jasper area
  209. Government in Catch 22.
  210. What was that smell?
  211. $30 spent on Harpers protection
  212. School Support Declaration
  213. Snow
  214. Parkade on RHW
  215. Edmonton's Christmas tree is fugly.
  216. 310 E Bag a total recycling SCAM
  217. Cutsey Wootsey Programs are not helping
  218. Arlington
  219. 107 Avenue is a mess
  220. Finning employees shown the door, 29 shown the door in Edmonton
  221. MPs Need to EARN their salary - Voters are getting P-Oed, Big Time !
  222. 178st Dancing Guy - Dan SHUT DOWN
  223. Global TV - Re-heated (and Police) News, First
  224. ETS, Seniors and those cadillac strollers
  225. lights on hwy 2
  226. Clap on two & four
  227. ****** off about Alberta Energy Savings
  228. Edmonton.ca council video feed
  229. know it alls....hazard of the industry...
  230. Kijiji Wars - Discusting
  231. Almost hit by car (again!) today..
  232. This kind of article pisses me off
  233. Should public monies be used to build a new downtown Hockey Arena?
  234. Journal: "Gays bash" pastor
  235. The Artworks - Horrible Service
  236. City uses way too much sand on our roads
  237. Retail ... Restaurants ... Cafés ... etc. in new developments
  238. What is up with Bus Passes?
  239. Pipes at Jasper and 109
  240. Snow Removal
  241. Mainstreet Properties... what a joke that company is.
  242. Canadian Editorial
  243. The state of the downtown
  244. cbc newsowrld weather reporting (n)
  245. Ets #8
  246. Metro Newspapers
  247. Drivers medical costs outrageous
  248. Gang Members Not Identified
  249. Jasper Ave after a wind storm
  250. Cancer hospitals caught in squeeze