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  1. If Stephen Mandel doesn’t run again for mayor, who would be his successor?
  2. If Mayor Mandel does not run, who out of the sitting councillors is preferred by you?
  3. Would you like to see Mayor Mandel run for a 4th term in office?
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  5. Kerry Diotte seeks feedback on May newsletter
  6. Next Mayor of Edmonton?
  7. Curtis Penner
  8. MP Peter Goldring musing on a run for mayor?
  9. Karen Leibovici enters the race for mayor
  10. Don Iveson for Mayor (formerly will he run for mayor)
  11. Corruption and greed
  12. How to biuld a city
  13. Footbridge debate highlights politics of councillors who would be mayor
  14. The Race for the Mayor's Chair
  15. Who do you think wil be Edmonton's next mayor?
  16. Comments on Leibovici releasing campaign donors list
  17. Diotte Dupes Restaurant Owners
  18. Leibovici telemarketing - Not providing acurate Caller ID 587-331-6586
  19. Don Iveson "dangerous" for Edmonton
  20. election night onward - Don Iveson elected
  21. Edmonton Goals, 2013-17
  22. Polls has Iveson cruising to second term
  23. New candidate for mayor
  24. Iveson calls overpaid City Staff “Collegues”