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  1. Nuclear missiles aimed at Edmonton?
  2. Which Fighter Jet should Canada choose?
  3. Fake parts in Hercules aircraft called a genuine risk
  4. Canadian Military Priorities
  5. CC-177 Para Drop at CFB Edmonton
  6. Flying Wing?
  7. Shipbuilding contract holds $250M mystery
  8. Aurora Replacement
  9. Domestic Operations
  10. Need a laugh, sarcastic Snowbirds replacement articel
  11. WWII videos etc
  12. Colorado Town Putting Bounty on Drones
  13. Medak Pocket: Canada's Forgotten Battle
  14. Canada’s Arctic nightmare just came true: The Northwest Passage is commercial
  15. Plans underway to move historic Avro Arrow replica for public show in Toronto area
  16. Robot soldiers in our military?
  17. Reservists
  18. New Alberta plates to honour military
  19. Unsung hero's
  20. Open House / Job Fair - HMCS Nonsuch
  21. Ex ARCTIC RAM 2014 Helmet Cam
  22. Maybe the Canadian Navy should buy these?
  23. Advocate Keith Neville ordered to stop work with veterans' appeals
  24. Support the troops?
  25. Saskatchewan Forest Fires - Operation LENTUS 15-02
  26. Canada's CF18 bases won't have radar units replaced as $55M deal cancelled
  27. Edmonton honours RCAF
  28. Zombie Evasion Run in Walterdale Park
  29. F-35 helmet costs $400,000 — 4 times that of predecessor
  30. Alberta to Recognize Military Drivers Licenses (DND 404)
  31. Desperately needed supply ship put on hold
  32. Cost to build navy's new warships more than doubles to $30B
  33. Canadian ground troops fighting in Iraq
  34. Exercise Pegasus Strike
  35. DND Helped Boost Bids For Armoured Vehicle Contracts In Kuwait, UAE
  36. 1 CMBG on Road to High Readiness
  37. Retired Canadian Commander: West Should Have Left Taliban Alone
  38. Drones for Canadian military
  39. Army Reserve weekly Information Sessions
  40. Exercise GOLDEN COYOTE
  41. F104 launching satellites
  42. Stranded paddlers get military rescue in Yukon
  43. War Plan Red, The US invasion plans of Canada
  44. Edmonton Communications Unit Wins First Place at Western Canada Army Signals Compeition
  45. Remembrance Day Ceremonies in Edmonton - 2016
  46. Changes to Army Reserve Recruiting
  47. Soldier for a Day 2017 and upcoming military anniversaries.
  48. How much should be spent on the military?
  49. Rescue aircraft will take two days to reach north pole
  50. Canadian sniper makes worlds longest kill - 10 seconds for bullet to fly
  51. Canada to apologize for 'LGBT purge'
  52. Saudi Arabia uses Canadian Equipment against civilians.
  53. Basic Military Qualification Course Graduation
  54. Edmonton's LED Smart Inc awarded $19.2 million lighting subcontract for the Armed Forces
  55. And the 800m Navy maintenance contract goes to ... Thales
  56. Avro Arrow found?
  57. National Army Reserve Open House - 30 Sept
  58. Combat Engineers
  59. Rememberance Day 2017, Battle of Passchendaele
  60. Deployed - New Documentary on Alberta Reservists
  61. Where are the promised Canadian Peacekeepers?
  62. Get Ready in the Park
  63. Army Communication and Information Systems Specialists
  64. 100 years since the end of The War to End All Wars