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    Does anyone know when and why horse-only trails were eliminated from our river valleys? Co-existence can be done, and is being done in urban areas around North America. Why not here?

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    That's interesting. We had horse-only trails?

    Isn't eliminating them a sign of co-existance?


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      horse only trails still exist between fox drive and hawrylak, and also around the perimeter of hawrylak
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        I thought there was still some horse only trails around Hawrelak? There's definitely signage for them.

        edit: Medwards beat me to it. In any case, I'd prefer horses in Edmonton are kept to their own paths, if only because of the manure. If they were required to pick up after themselves or bag it like you often see with drawn carriages, then I'd be fine with them going wherever. But I've had enough hikes in the mountain parks choking on the smell of fresh horse manure the whole time (I'm allergic to horses and yes even the smell of the manure can really irritate me) to last a lifetime and would rather avoid that if possible in Edmonton when biking. I've never understood why it's such a sin to let your dog take a dump off in the bushes somewhere where no one will ever step in it without picking it up, but it's totally kosher for horses to literally dump dozens of pounds of manure on well used trails every day.
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          That's my Grande Cache experience.


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            ^^ yeah, thank goodness nobody is allergic to dogs. Maybe because Horses don't attack and harass wildlife (and cyclists?)

            And in places "no one will ever step in it..."

            Honestly if they kept their stuff to themselves, I'd rather horses everywhere than dogs anywhere.
            Let's make Edmonton better.


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              I met two horses on the trail in Whitemud Creek Park a couple of weeks ago. Sonny Boy freaked a bit and we hid in the trees till they had gone by. lol
              Just enjoying another day in paradise.