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  • Dual purpose motorcycles

    I'm kicking around the idea of picking up a dual purpose motorcycle. I haven't ridden since I sold my GSX-R when I left Vancouver many moons ago. Not so much interested in crotch rockets anymore and am looking for a long distance touring bike that can handle off pavement excursions.

    My first thought is a BMW GS. It seems to be the grand daddy of dual purpose bikes. I've ridden a Kawasaki KLR before and I liked it as well.. and you can pick one up for substantially less than a BMW. I understand KTM makes a good dual purpose bike but I haven't ridden or even looked into one of those.

    Anyone have any experience with these types of bikes ? Has anyone here done any lengthy trips on a dual purpose bike ? I'm less concerned how they handle on gravel, more concerned about how the ride position feels on the highway
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    Love my Multistrada, but it's 95% street/touring, not much adventure. I'm also stuck in Astoria, waiting for a proper socket to arrive so I can get a new rear tire on the bike, because apparently Argyll didn't bother to check my tire when I specifically told them I was going on a long trip with it immediately after the service. Tire was showing steel bands 500km later.

    It's a phenomenal bike, but probably not what you're looking for.


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      240GT, I've owned a BMW GS. It was an 1100cc. Awesome and you can pick up this generation relatively cheap. I owned mine for 6 years and rode 90/10 hiway and for 110,000kms. Oil changes and tires. Thats it. Virtually maintenance free shaft drive. The same bike is now liquid cooled, gadgets galore, hence the big money. I liked the beef of the Beemer over the KLR650, felt more secure and stable on the hiway. If is a bike you plan on keeping for a bit, look for an 2005-2009ish, newer engine design and lighter. You may want to consider the smaller/lighter F800GS, good bike too with chain drive. Also consider the Yamaha Super Tenere, never owned one but seems decent.
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