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  • 2013 Motorcycle Events

    As the season gears up, so do the countless charity events that raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and tons of awareness for various causes such as cancer, cystic fibrosis, Little Warriors, Santas Anonymous, E4C School Lunch Program, Y.E.S.S., etc.

    There are also events such as demo days at various dealers and of course all sorts of racing from drags to vintage flat track.

    Some of you may not know where to find the information on such events. We have them listed on the M.O.D.E.L. website here - This page will be updated as the season progresses and rides are added. Each event has a link to more information about the rides. If we are missing something that you are aware of, please use our Contact Us page to and include a link to the website with all the pertinent information.

    One quick note about the Bike Nights section. Two of the three listed so far are for charity. The one in Tofield raises money for the local volunteer fire department and kicks off May 21 running every Tuesday until sometime in September.

    The one at the Ranch Roadhouse is put on by the Realtors Community Foundation in support of the E4C School Lunch Program & Youth Empowerment & Support Services (formerly known as the Youth Emergency Shelter). They kick off May 29 running every Wednesday starting at 7:00pm rain or shine until sometime in September. This one has a variety of grand prizes to be won including a 2013 Victory motorcycle and weekly door prizes of all sorts. Everyone is welcome regardless of make or model of motorcycle and whether you ride or not as all proceeds to go towards programs for underprivileged children.

    Thank you for supporting all the deserving charities in Edmonton & Area.

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    Can I suggest an event??

    Why don't you all get together and put mufflers back on your bikes?


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      Burbs, that might be the funniest post of the year, well done.

      On a serious note, I hope the events raise a ton of awareness and donations.


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        And that is what our community does best Hilman. Not sure there is any other community that rallies to the extent the motorcycle community does raising that much money and awareness in the name of so many charities in a 5 month period.

        Those who wish to criticize, that is your right. At the very least, let us have this one thread without such judgement and pettiness so we can reach more people to donate to good causes...causes many end up in need of as diseases and hard times can affect everyone and do not discriminate.
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          List of things I encourage:

          1) Philanthropy
          2) Charity
          3) Volunteerism
          5) Community involvement

          List of things I discourage:

          1) Noise pollution

          I'm all for people having fun, even better if they can combine their passions with charitable events. The thing is, your right to have fun ends the moment you start to disturb everyone around you. For an unfortunate number of your motorcycle brethren the fun part is disturbing the public. You can't be surprised when the public pushes back.

          At one point I lived along the parade route of the toys for tots ride. Your ride made my home uninhabitable for three hours on a sunday for myself and my infant children. Cant you find a quieter way to collect toys? Perhaps motorcyclists can just mail them in?

          I suggest if you want to be an advocate for the motorcycling community you begin within your own ranks. Help get these loud motorcycles off the road, shame the neanderthals who ride them.


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            Burbs, I suggest before you assume you know my stance on the noise issue, because I do agree there is an issue, I suggest you read through the M.O.D.E.L. Edmonton thread. It will tell you very clearly part of the mandate of M.O.D.E.L. is to educate and police within our community about their responsibility to the public at large.

            BTW - the reason for the parade is so that it brings awareness to the rest of the people in the city to encourage them to donate as well. It is part of the awareness portion when doing charity work.


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              Originally posted by hilman View Post
              burbs, that might be the funniest most ignorant post of the year, well done.

              On a serious note, i hope the events raise a ton of awareness and donations.
              He who posteth too much, should moveth out of his parents basement and get a life.


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                Didn't require fixing as in my opinion it was funny, or rather hysterical. Thanks anyways


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                  Fair enough.
                  He who posteth too much, should moveth out of his parents basement and get a life.


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                    One thread. Just one thread. Is it too much too ask that the noiseNazis keep their over the top, holier than thou, judgemental, opinions out of it? I'm thinking thats a rhetorical question.

                    FWIW, its the Connect 2 Edmonton 2013 Motorcycle Events thread. Like the NN haven't tainted enough threads and abused bandwidth with the constant diatribe of complaints? Is no thread immune?

                    burbs, wow. 3 whole hours? what's a person to do? Suggestion? go do some of that philanthropy and charity work you speak of.

                    Sorry, in my opinion (which is really the only one that matters) our community could use a little more 'trmpt' (and others that walk the walk or in this case, ride) and less who talk. Everyone is welcome to do your part in whatever charitable genre you wish but not at the expense of carving another. Grow up.
                    He who posteth too much, should moveth out of his parents basement and get a life.


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                      Why on earth would you call someone who rides a loud bike a neanderthal?


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                        Wow. Cant go more than 3 posts without the Noise Nazis chirping in. Great name for them!


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                          While some may find a post or two funny, I am not amused.

                          Leave this thread to the events conversation. There is already one about noise.