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  • Jeff,

    I am to understand that you refuse to answer the two questions that I have asked?


    • An update on Calgary's failed trial/deployment of the 'Noise Snare' vehicle noise monitoring system: Calgary crackdown on noisy vehicles sitting in silent limbo

      Perhaps MODEL could provide an update... or at least "adjust" it's strong advocacy for it's claimed solution... the , apparently, flawed/failed 'Noise Snare'.

      Alas, we are told, the Noise Snare is not out there trying to catch those louder than 96 decibels.

      No Noise Snare is going out anytime soon.

      No Noise Snare may ever go out again.

      Score update. Loud Motorcycles 1. City 0.
      Originally posted by Jeff View Post
      What the hay does this days old Calgary Sun article suggest about the veracity of MODEL’s claims concerning the Noise Snare technology deployment... about MODEL’s repeated and emphatic insistence that the CofE is turning a blind-eye to available technology... of MODEL itself?

      Inventor of Noise Snare says City of Calgary bylaw officials have bungled using the technology

      Less than a year after Mark Nesdoly’s high-tech solution to the scourge of loud motorcycle pipes fell flat, the Edmonton inventor of Noise Snare says the experiment failed because Calgary’s bylaw department did it wrong.

      Over the span of last summer, while responding to more than 300 complaints about loud vehicles, Calgary bylaw officers managed to write but one measly ticket using Noise Snare — hardly the impact Calgarians were hoping for or expecting.

      The combination decibel-meter/camera was touted as the sonic solution to years of Harley-sized headaches, caused by unmuffled motorcycles and uncaring owners ripping around neighbourhoods and down pedestrian strolls like 17 Ave. S.W..

      Instead, Noise Snare failed to deter, or make a dent in the din. If their bikes weren’t so loud it’s certain you would have heard the straight-pipe pilots laughing all the way down the street.

      Calgary’s Noise Snare, provided free of charge since this is the first city to test it, was packed away at the end of October — and so far, the bylaw department hasn’t decided whether it will be redeployed for 2013.
      Well now, perhaps MODEL’s forceful lobbying for the "proven" Noise Snare makes sense after all!