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Stop building me private roads that nobody else uses

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    The problem with relying on wider mixed use paths is that those don't prevent problems either. I do stay on the right hand side of the path but often I find cyclists who pass me on the right even so. There is no training for cyclists and no agreed upon set of rules.

    In Calgary, where I actually had a usable path near my residence (I don't now), the paths were very very busy. So from my point of view, it didn't really matter if the majority of cyclists were responsible human beings. That one in twenty (or even a hundred) total jerk would destroy my walk anyway. One time, I encountered a group of about ten cyclists behind me. They alternated by passing very closely on the right and on the left. They thought this a great joke. Another time, I was walking behind a cyclist who was behind a fellow negotiating on crutches (he was on the right of the path). In spite of the fact that the way was perfectly clear otherwise, that cyclist kept ringing her bell at the fellow while doing this weird wobble that cyclists use instead of stopping and dismounting. She refused to go around and kept at it until the poor fellow had to navigate to the lawn at the right side.

    Recently, I used a wide path to go from the nearest bus stop to my relatives' hotel in south Edmonton. There were two cyclists riding side by side behind me. As they passed (one on each side), they commented on how awful it was that pedestrians used "their" paths.

    I could go on and on. There was the cyclist (during rush hour downtown Calgary) who quickly passed between me and the bus I was preparing to board. I was knocked back while I had my left lifted to climb on.

    No, I would feel safer if cyclists had their own pathways.
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      Shared only works with very low use - the shared path along the LRT could use a separate pedestrian path (or bike path, whoever doesn't get the old one) south of 111 Ave, and the fact that they didn't design separate paths onto 105ave at MacEwan station seems crazy. There are actually a lot of cyclist there but they have to use the same extremely narrow LRT crossing and curb ramps at 105t... that they're building new infrastructure like this speaks volumes.
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        Eve, I'm not questioning your concern, its valid, and unfortunate that not all cyclists are responsible, safe, or considerate in the slightest. I drive with a bell, let people audibly know I'm passing and whenever possible pass on right as that's what you're supposed to do. In fairness a lot of pedestrians don't follow right hand rule either, just saying.

        My worse pet peeve?

        When I'm being cautious passing people and some cyclist behind me is flying like a bat out of hell suddently trying to pass converge at that exact same moment without saying anything, without audible, anything,. Yes, I shoulder check now everytime to see if some aggressive cyclist isn't behind me when I'm passing.

        Oh, random, but heres a jerk driver of the day award. Senior citizen driving a truck. We're on a bike path, a marked path adjacent to roadway. we have the green so we're going straight through while making sure nobody is turning left into us. I make visual with the driver waiting to turn left to let him know I'm coming. (we're pointed same direction north) My wife is right behind me. The ahole goes and makes the left despite my wife being mere feet away. He makes the left between two of us cyclists. Unbelievable. Yeah, if you're reading this guy, you're an ahole. I almost got your licence plate #.
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          Like I said, pedestrians have their own infrastructure, motor vehicles have theirs, it's time bicycles had some of their own.

          And on multi-use trails; they're great for leisure but not great for commuters. Especially the ones in Edmonton which also happen to be designated off-leash dog parks. Don't get me wrong I like off-leash parks and support them but they shouldn't be in the same place where cyclists are.