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Bicycle infrastructure in other countries

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  • Bicycle infrastructure in other countries

    Who has cycled abroad? I want to hear about your experience cycling in other countries. Were you cycling for fun or commuting? What things did you like/dislike about the cycling infrastructure and what everyone thought about cyclists/cycling? What cycling infrastructure did you see that might be a good fit for Edmonton?

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    You might find this interesting:

    Also, a thread on C2E some time ago titled, IIRC, Bike Fund Planning.
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      I've cycled in Denmark. Loved it. Separated bike path from the sidewalk on every street, its just normal there.


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        Ah Denmark. Great for cars and cyclists.

        Not so much for pedestrians.
        ... gobsmacked


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          Amsterdam was awesome. Essentially 3 lanes: cars, bicycles/motorbikes, and pedestrians. Exactly how it should be.

          Here we keep trying to stuff bicycles into a box they don't fit in. Cars smush people on motorbikes and bicycles. Bicycles can seriously injure a pedestrian. It makes sense to separate all 3 types of traffic.
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            ^ If by motorbikes you mean mopeds and 50 cc scooters, then maybe. What most people think of when they hear "motorbike" is a much more powerful machine that can out-accelerate most cars and has absolutely no business sharing space with pedal bikes. They can mix with car traffic just fine.