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    Q; Why did the car go off the road?

    A: It was looking for a bike to swallow..

    "if god exists and he allowed that to happen, then its better that he doesn't exist"


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      Originally posted by newfangled View Post
      Originally posted by Marcel Petrin View Post
      I don't even understand how that vehicle got there.
      Even in-person we had to spend some time puzzling it out.

      They got onto the sidewalk offscreen to the right, weaved between two big old trees, hit a streetsign which tore up the right fender, got onto the paving stones infront of the building narrowly missing the black metal fence, took out one little plastic lightpost and some pavers, plowed through all the plants, pushed the wooden bench out of the way, smooshed two large concrete flower pots (which I think took most the impact) and then basically kissed the pony wall.

      Hearing third-hand from some neighbors it sounds like the driver "panicked" whatever that means.
      Presumably panicked at the thought of going through life with this amount of confusion..

      jk aside that feeling where you've done something stupid and hope that nobody notices, except that everybody notices...

      Not that I've ever done anything close to this

      I did misinterpret a turn recovery a couple times on other city streets that were confusing. Counted a few times where I went the wrong way up a one way block that wasn't marked well..blushed and redfaced every time.
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      "if god exists and he allowed that to happen, then its better that he doesn't exist"


      • #48 means exactly that...

        Odds are, the driver got overly stressed, the brain shut down, and they could only think of moving forward. Going back would mean having to look backwards, and if I just keep going...I can exit somewhere else, get away, and avoid complete embarrassment...

        ...same thing happens when you embarrass yourself on a date, or decide that cycling down a cliff is a good idea, skydive when you are not ready, find yourself going the wrong way down a one way, end up in a neighborhood that you probably don't want to be in, get frightened by a friend on Halloween, etc, etc, etc.

        Bad situation, you're embarrassed or scared...brain just says get me out of here...and eyes are forward...

        We are animals...ever see a stampede...cattle, concert, or Christmas shopping...
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