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    I've been noticing some fluid on the ground when I park ( probably transmission fluid) on my 10 year old Chev ( 95KM). Not wanting to go to a dealer I took it to the local Fountain Tire ( never really thought about FT in the past). They jacked it up and said it was either the axle shaft or the transmission seal. As they did not have the expertise to do the repair they recommended Clutch and Grab.

    So rather then attempt a fix and charge me $400-500 they only charged me $60 for looking at it. I have to say, I've never had this happen to me before where a garage said they were not sure and recommended another shop !

    Since my car is 10 years old, and its probably only worth 3-4000 I do not feel the need to take it to dealerships anymore. Are dealerships typically more expensive than say non-dealers ? Within a few % is probably ok, but a difference say greater that 10-20 % is hard to take with an old-ish car.

    I do have other work that needs to be done, 1) Warped front brakes, 2) Engine coolant change. Other options such as Kal Tire, Canadian Tire come to mind but if FT could not reasonably diagnose the problem then I'm not sure KT or CT would be much better. Perhaps a dealer is worth it to get it done once and correct ?
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    Fountain Tire did you a favour in not reaching beyond their comfortable expertise.

    Canadian Tire has full-time mechanics doing full-service work and not just tires. They would be a good mechanic if you don't know any better. They ought to have all the access to service info that a dealership would, and I'd say better than a non-chain mechanic.One simple thing to diagnose fluid leaks is to lay some newspaper under your vehicle and then check it for wet spots. If you can, before you move the vehicle take some pictures of the spots. The newspaper also samples the fluid that is dripping and this can be useful for diagnosis.

    A little Googling can also inform you. You could even diagnose what kind of fluid is leaking. A brake shop like Midas can replace warped rotors and possible do a coolant change, cheaper than a dealersip.
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      10 year old Chevy what?
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        DOT Transmissions on 149 street always treats me right. So does Trail Tire on Kingsway, but I'd call ahead and make sure they want to do this. I know they too have sent me to places when they can't do something. If you go to Trail, let them know I sent you...
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          ^Thanks for the replies. I'll phone Canadian Tire and explain the situation to them and see what they say. It's a 2009 Malibu.


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            I hope Canadian Tire has improved since they were investigated by W5.


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              Yeah, I was going to say, who in their right mind would take their vehicle to Canadian Tire for anything other than a very basic oil change? I've heard nothing but horror stories about work completed there. If you need a good independent mechanic who are honest to a fault, Westview Auto is another to consider. There's lot of others around town, as well.


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                Originally posted by Ustauk View Post
                I hope Canadian Tire has improved since they were investigated by W5.
                And hopefully all the other franchise and independent garages they found to be dishonest have too.
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                  On a lighter note, at a former job, one of the supervisors had just bought a new vehicle, so some of people poured a little bit of oil under his vehicle and told him about it, he moved his vehicle, they poured a bit more, move and pour again.
                  He was swearing, steaming mad about his new vehicle having a leak, and almost punched the people who pulled the prank on him, when they told him.


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                    Canadian Tire has a lot of apprentice mechanics in their shops, mistakes happen.
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                      ^^ Nice one Sundance.

                      We pulled a similar stunt on my father-in-law. He'd just collected his car from the police pound after it had been stolen. So we walk into the house, "Got your car back then, Don?"

                      "Yeah, it's outside," he says.

                      "It's not," my brother-in-law and I replied.

                      Panic stations ensue accompanied by, "{}#%*+”, "~>€£¥.".

                      When he found out we'd moved his car around the corner, it almost cost us a black eye.
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