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  • Bump and park

    Normally I would put this in the rant section but I'm pretty sure this happens everywhere .

    It seems every time I buy a new car after a few months I notice a nasty gash on my bumper.

    Are people that ignorant when it comes to parking to close to a vehicle that they have to keep going until they feel a bump?

    I usually try to park in a safe spot to avoid these ftards from parking near me and never works.

    And with new cameras installed people should be able to know when they're close.

    The gash on my bumper looks like a trucks hitch that backed into me.

    Am I wrong in feeling this way?

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    Nope your justified in your rant. I always park in the back 40. No one in front of me. No one behind me or if I can... no other cars on the side of me. So many people just don't give a ****! Its almost like this is not Canada but Bangladesh!!!


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      You should be ******. I can't believe the number of vehicles I see with scraped up bumpers from either getting bumped or giving bumps. If it happened to me I wouldn't bother fixing it ($$). I've been 3 years no scratches or dings but you wouldn't believe the pains I go to avoid it. I totally understand why people with expensive cars park over two stalls in the back 40.


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        I knew some one who had a brand new vehicle & they parked in Bonniedoon parking lot. After 6 months there was scratches & dents from shopping cards and where people had opened their vehicle doors & hit her vehicle.
        Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.