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    Last winter was the first time I purchased winter tires, and I admit I use to be one of those that thought all seasons were good enough. Now I'm a 100% convert that you need dedicated winter tires, even if it's not the big name ones, any is better than nothing.
    I do notice a HUGE difference. It's a fact that the rubber on all seasons do not perform safely when the temperature drops to -7 or lower. And it may seem like a lot to buy a second set of tires, but in the long term you save more money since you are switching them out every 5-6 months.
    I think we need to do what Quebec did and make it a law to have winter tires.
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      Originally posted by Titanium48 View Post
      Originally posted by JBear View Post
      lol thanks for the chuckle.

      For the record... the CoE does move more snow than any other city (not sure if it's the world or NA only).
      I find that very hard to believe. There are a lot of bigger cities in the East that get more snow than we do.
      Sorry I don't have any hard proof to back this up

      It is something I did hear from a conference I was at about 1 or 2 months ago from a CoE Roadway Maintenance employee.


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        Originally posted by noodle View Post
        Originally posted by burntearth View Post
        Kinda hard when that's what one does for a living....
        If you drive for a living shouldn't the merits of snow tires be a moot point to someone with your professional expertise?
        While I agree they're important, my point was in response to IanO's comment about not driving. Some of us are forced to drive in poor weather, as that's our job. Simply "not driving" is not an appropriate answer...that's all I was getting at.


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          ^mine was tongue in cheek if you will.

          More of a comment for those who choose to drive rather than are required to.



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            Originally posted by IanO View Post
            Simple solution to icy roads, don't drive.

            works for me
            What? You only race in the summer? No ice racing?