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ScootScoop Edmonton: Free Removal of Abandoned eScooters

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  • ScootScoop Edmonton: Free Removal of Abandoned eScooters

    Now that the scourge of eScooters has descended upon Edmonton city sidewalks,
    it is good to know that help is at hand for managers of businesses, residential
    buildings and private properties.

    Much like towing companies which are contracted to patrol designated areas and
    respond to requests to haul away vehicles parked in unauthorized spots by
    scofflaw motorists, ScootScoop gathers up eScooters abandoned by the indifferent
    customers of eScooter rental firms.

    Ever vigilant, Mayor iVision and his minions have approved eScooter rental locations
    within feet of facilities like Garneau Hall, a seniors residence on the south side of
    Whyte Ave, just west of 109th St.

    Each day, residents of Garneau Hall with vision and mobility impairments leave their
    building utilizing their canes, walkers and mobility scooters to make their way to
    local shops, Doctor's offices, social outings with friends and other activities. At
    least, eScooters in their path will be awkward obstacles to surmount, at worst,
    those eScooters will pose life altering/ending threats to the well-being of the
    Garneau Hall seniors community.

    Well done, Don iVision !

    To the manager of Garneau Hall and to concerned citizens who might happen to
    notice eScooter hazards faced by seniors, I say "Take action. Call ScootScoop
    or any of the other entrepreneurial upstarts that offer a similar service and get
    those eScooters out of the way.

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    Well, a timely article today in the EJ

    E-scooters launch in Edmonton
    By Anna Junker
    Edmonton Journal 2019.08.16

    "According to the city, the e-scooters, which can travel up to 20 km/h, can be used in bike lanes, paved shared-use pathways and roads with a posted limit of 50km/h or less. They will not be allowed on sidewalks and only on trails maintained by the city.

    Users can park electric scooters on sidewalks, parking lanes (except E-Park zones), at transit centres, rec centres and on parkland.

    The city says to park the e-scooter in a way that does not block doors or travel for people walking, biking or driving. They should be in an upright position using the kickstand. E-scooters parked on a sidewalk should be at least half a metre from a curb, with about a two-metre clearance for people to walk along the sidewalk.

    In parks, the scooter should be parked more than a metre from a shared pathway or trail. At community and recreation facilities, they should be parked near existing bike racks.

    The e-scooters are not allowed to be left on LRT platforms."

    Uhhh ...
    "... park the e-scooter in a way that does not block doors or travel for people walking, biking or driving."

    "They will not be allowed on sidewalks"

    Ahhhhahahahahahahahahahah !

    Verrryyy FUNNNYYYY, CoE.


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      " ... and roads with a posted limit of 50km/h or less."


      Wait for it... Drunk/high morons riding eScooters on Whyte, along 109th, Jasper.

      No helmet, no visibility, no sense of self-preservation.

      Hmmm, what could go wrong ?

      Cue Komrad exhorting us to stop blaming victims for the outcomes of their
      own misadventure. (Well, that and the utter lack of foresight/oversight by
      city administrators.)


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        I'd have maybe said < 30km/h



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          Maybe these guys will open here:
          I am in no way entitled to your opinion...


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            Ewwww ...

            There'll be no junk-in-the-trunk for eScooter riders if iVision signs off again on "Naked Bike Ride 2020"


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              Originally posted by IanO View Post
              I'd have maybe said < 30km/h
              Ohh, nooo.

              Car-hating CoE administrators reason that since eScooters are governed to 20 kph,
              then letting them run amok amongst cement trucks, jacked-up pickup trucks, vans,
              SUV's, ETS buses and whatever else might trundle along at 50 kph makes perfect sense.


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                Ohh look, the alternative transportation hating guy is here. Couldn't be bothered to use an existing thread on this cause, gotta make sure my soapbox rant is heard. How dare anything with less than 4 wheels be allowed to use the sidewalk, trails, or roads!
                A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices.


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                  For amusement, search out media stories by the Calgary Herald, CBC and others
                  describing that city's experience with eScooters.

                  First one is free
                  Calgarians wheel into hospitals by the dozen with injuries from new e-scooters
                  CBC News 2019.07.26

                  "Calgary emergency rooms have seen 60 patients with e-scooter-related injuries so far.

                  About a third of them were fractures and roughly 10 per cent were injuries to the face
                  and head.

                  The number of hospital visits has triggered a new study by the University of Calgary.
                  Researchers hope to find out how dangerous it is to scoot."

                  Noteworthy is Calgary's prohibition from riding eScooters on roads.
                  "Users can ride only on sidewalks, pathways and in bike lanes. It is illegal to ride these
                  single-user devices on city roads. "

                  See ! It is TRUE, Calgary's administrators ARE smarter than Edmonton's ...
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                    Back to the thread topic - abandoned eScooters.

                    If designated dumpsters are made available at strategic locations, citizens
                    would be empowered to relocate eScooters found laying about to the nearest
                    dumpster that still had sufficient capacity.


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                      Time to order up a replacement motherboard. I've already got the security bits.

                      E: Haha, guess not. Private e-scooters aren't permitted. Can only use rideshare ones. I guess this isn't so much about new transportation modes, just about creating & preserving business models.
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                      Giving less of a damn than ever… Can't laugh at the ignorant if you ignore them!


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                        In BC e-scooters are not allowed on roads.

                        Not permitted on roads:
                        Scooter, motorized skateboard or self-balancing board
                        • May only be operated where B.C.’s Motor Vehicle Act
                        doesn’t apply, such as private property that does not
                        have public vehicle access or on a trail or
                        pathway if allowed by a municipal bylaw.
                        • Not to be operated on a public sidewalk
                        adjacent to a roadway.

                        In Edmonton, does local approval override the Alberta Highway Act.
                        Advocating a better Edmonton through effective, efficient and economical transit.


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                          Originally posted by Edmonton PRT View Post
                          In BC e-scooters are not allowed on roads.

                          In Edmonton, does local approval override the Alberta Highway Act.
                          Read the full EJ article linked above. All (well, more) will be revealed.


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                            I think the scooters could have GPS locators. That way, trips could also be tracked to determine where they are being used.
                            "Talk minus action equals zero." - Joe Keithley, D. O. A.


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                              Originally posted by The_Cat View Post
                              I think the scooters could have GPS locators. That way, trips could also be tracked to determine where they are being used.
                              Payment is through a phone app.

                              Don''t be surprised if you learn that the app tracks you through your phone location.