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More Municipal Taxes - Less Service

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  • More Municipal Taxes - Less Service

    It seems the C of E is constantly fleecing it's citizens for more money and yet basic (and not so basic) services are getting less. One only has to look at the eyesore the city is in with dandelions and long grass festooning city property. The potholes, the snow removal etc. Visitors to this city must think the dandelion is our civic flower as it's all over the place. Get something stolen and the cops ask you to fill out a form on line. They really don't care. They don't have the manpower to go after thieves even if they did just steal $2,000 worth of tools and your ability to work for a few days. Chasing after thieves is not as sexy as driving around in high end SUV's or flying in a big shiny new helicopter. Or if you want to complain/question/speak to city departments you have to go through a middle man (411) to garner weather your concern deems a reply. When we pay more in taxes year after year and get less in service year after year what in actual fact is happening is we are getting a double whammy of incompetence. If they cannot even handle the dandelions we should not expect them to be able to handle a crisis. Surely there are ways they can tighten the budget or do they even try.
    Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.

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    Don Iveson isn't the highest paid mayor for nothing...or maybe he is .


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      Yep, pay more for everything, and get less. Now the fields are not being mowed as often, green shack program now uses volunteers, walk-in offices being replaced by websites, I cannot even get a printed copy of the bike trails ( the big map you could fold up and take with you) - yes, some of these are progress, but in reality it's boiling down we're becoming too expensive for our own good.
      Take most offices, people wander in, check emails, read websites, do some work. Go for coffee, water cooler, send some emails, discuss where to go for lunch, go for lunch, work for a bit, take a smoke break, work some more, then leave for the day. At least that what I see happens. Take the Starbucks and Tim Hortons DT. They are jammed by people, some ( not all) who work for various levels of government with expensive pensions and benefits. Then get stressed out about because they have so much work and not enough time to complete it.
      Have you also noticed how small chocolate bars are getting ! In the past, one bar of something and I'd be full... Nowdays, I'm still hungry after eating one...
      We're simply losing our productivity.