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  • No simple solutions to Yellowhead's problems except finishing AHD in the NE to reduce traffic on YH.

    One parallel road is 127th Avenue. This has got to be one of the most underutilized arterials in the city. I often take it instead of YH. the only problem is that it goes through a residential area on the east end and has access issues at Fort Road and the west end deadheads at 127 Street. To bad it doesn't connect to St. Albert Trail.
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    • Originally posted by Concrete Bob
      The North American "industry standard" for distance beween freeway interchanges is 1.6 kilometers.
      Well that's wholly dependent on what the intended speed limit is. There's a big difference in the length of ramps required for a 70km/h free flow road and even 90km/h. Probably a difference of 30-50% in length between the two.

      That's the main reason why the Whitemud can't and shouldn't have a much higher speed limit. The main road is fine, but the exits and entrances are too close together in some spots to make it safe to raise the limit much. Maybe 90 would be doable, but as of right now everyone knows that the defacto limit on that load is 95ish anyway.


      • My thoughts on Yellowhead

        Change 62nd, 67th St, 68th, 89th, 107th streets and the access to Costco (about 145th St) to be right turns only

        In areas where there are 3 lanes ban semis from the left lanes where there are no upcoming left turns for example
        Westbound from 50th to the about 142nd St
        Eastbound from just east of 149th St to about the LRT bridge

        A lot of states are banning semis from the left lanes, Alberta Transportation should be doing the same, way more affordable then another interchange (see link)


        • Banning trucks from certain lanes is useless without enforcement. Trucks are banned from 75th street from 90th ave to 98th ave and you see big trucks and rigs on it every day. I have never seen on getting a ticket for being off the truck route on that section.

          Neither do you see any of the slow moving vehicles like backhoes being pulled over during rush hours when they are banned as well. I sometimes see two or three on Capilano or 75th during rush hour slowing up traffic for a block or more
          Advocating a better Edmonton through effective, efficient and economical transit.


          • Let's face it, cops in this province do not give out tickets for impeding traffic, they are only good at terrorizing the speeders.....


            • Oh I agree on the enforcement part, but it still comes down to its way cheaper to do lane controls than to build a lot of interchanges.


              • Georgia Manages Lane Use to Improve Highway Efficiency

                Interesting side reading but personally the Yellowhead with 3 lanes is too narrow to use one for just an HOV/toll lane


                • Traffic slowdown on Yellowhead Trail Tuesday

                  Traffic slowdown on Yellowhead Trail Tuesday
                  EDMONTONJOURNAL.COMAPRIL 13, 2009 1:02 PM

                  EDMONTON – Traffic will be reduced to one lane eastbound on Yellowhead Trail at Anthony Henday Drive, because of bridge construction work on the Anthony Henday Drive extension.

                  This work will take place on Tuesday between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.

                  Motorists can detour using Stony Plain Road/ 100th Avenue.

                  © Copyright (c) The Edmonton Journal

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                  • Get rid of traffic lights on Yellowhead!!!

                    Hi, I wish the city engineers and planners would consider getting rid of all the traffic lights on the Yellowhead in the very near future.

                    Here is a list of intersections on the Yellowhead:
                    149 Street
                    142 Street
                    127 Street
                    124 Street
                    121 Street
                    107 Street
                    89 Street
                    66 Street

                    I'm not too sure if there are more but please post the locations if there are.
                    Now here are my solutions for these various intersections with traffic lights:

                    149 Street - Definitely needs to have an over/underpass, more than enough room to do it too.

                    142 Street - Safeway warehouse seems to be the only business that actually needs this light... but couldn't a road be build that connects to 128 Ave for the trucks? They can then use either 149 St or St Albert Trail to get onto the Yellowhead.

                    127 Street - Now this intersection needs a over/underpass for obvious reasons. It is a dangerous intersection for one thing, and second, during rush hour it takes forever to get though it. Furthermore, 127 street is one of the only roads that motorists can use to get to Castledowns from the inner-west city. Several buildings and houses will probably need to be demolished to make way for an overpass though.

                    124 Street - A completely useless intersection and ought to be blocked off completely. Motorists can use 127 street. There is no need to have an intersection here at all.

                    121 Street - A overpass can easily be built here as there is lots of empty areas around this intersection.

                    107 Street - It was a good idea that they got rid of the left hand turn onto 107 street as it was a major source of accidents but they need to have ramps here as well (NO LIGHTS).

                    89 Street - Another intersection that is used only by the trucks from the businesses and warehouses along Yellowhead. This one is similar to the 142 Street intersection in that a road could be built connecting to 127 Avenue and the trucks could get onto Yellowhead via 97 Street or 82 Street. 127 Avenue is underused and is slow even during rush hour.

                    66 Street - Another dangerous one... I've noticed many vehicles have to slam on the brakes because this light seems so sudden. Several building will need to be demolished to make way for the ramps if an overpass is to be built.

                    Also, I would like to point out that like the Whitemud, you should only be able to get onto Yellowhead via merge lanes. Around the area of 66 Street, near the SPCA, there are places where you can do right hand turns which makes it a hazard.

                    Please make Yellowhead freeflow like the Whitemud!!! And post your comments as well...


                    • There are already threads on this topic;

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                      • I'd like to see 66th Street be the next overpass built because that intersection is not only dangerous but also ugly.

                        It's dangerous whether you're coming from the east or west because in both directions the lights appear right after a fast corner. Traveling eastbound is even worse because you're not only coming around a bend but also up a hill and under a bridge which limits visibility.

                        Also, a shiny new overpass with significant landscaping, replacing some really ugly old buildings and empty overgrown lots would sure improve the look of that whole area.

                        Last I heard they were waiting for the Humane Society to move into their new building. Well, that is happening as we speak.


                        • ^ Wouldn't it be cheaper and easier to remove the lights and only allow traffic to exit/enter YHD from 66th Street? I lived in that area for many years and one can drive the 3 blocks West to get to the Fort Road overpass or use 50th Street when trying to cross YHD. Seems like a waste of money when another overpass is so close IMO.


                          • ^yes - there is no point to the 66th street intersection. Make 66 Right in/right out


                            • The city had a plan about 2-3 years ago a combined interchange with Fort/Capilano and 66th St. If my memory is right 66th became a partial interchange with ramps on the east side, you had ramp from Capilano run east of the LRT tracks to form a partial trumpet interchange with Yellowhead and the a fly over from YHD E to Capilano S to bypass the Fort Rd traffic light.

                              Another point to consider is the railway LRT bridge limits lane widths and the road geometry, I'm not sure if there are any train tracks left on that bridge anymore so it may be either reconstructed or just "narrowed" to just LRT tracks.


                              • Now that the Humane Society is moving into their new digs, something can be done with the Yhead/66st intersection.
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