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    Yeah wasn’t it about 10% of residences that have elevated lead levels and/or lead service lines?

    So some pre--60s? homes still with lead service lines

    Pre-? 80s? with lead solder etc?


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      very cool! thanks.
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        Some Alberta daycares and schools may contain high levels of lead in drinking water |

        Below, from my post #12 above. I thought what I’d heard was truly shocking BS when I heard it - and if it’s true then it’s really despicable.

        If you’re actually concerned about the safety and health of your customers you’d test their water after it sat in their pipes overnight or through the day. Then run the water and test again to see if and where there is a problem. So does anyone know what procedures they’ve followed in the past to test drinking water? What happened in the schools?

        “Now, if I heard it correctly, in a CBC radio interview this morning it was mentioned that EPCOR asked that the water be run for 30 minutes before the test...”.
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          'So much is at stake': Academics call for release of data behind controversial Canadian fluoride study
          ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: OCT 29, 2019

          Dirty tap water could lead to 100,000 cases of cancer in the US

          The study identified arsenic as a contaminant that could lead to 45,000 cases of cancer

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