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    Hello all!

    By request, we have split off the mass transit discussions from the other discussions on roads, electricity, sewers, etc. Over the next while, Mods will move threads here that do not belong in mass transit.

    Thank you for your patience.

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    Canada is not in top 10 world's best infrastructure

    Canada and USA are in need of billions of dollars to fix this, so I guess that's why they are not in top 10 at all.

    6 countries from Europe is in top 10
    Edmonton Rocks Rocks Rocks


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      ^ European countries have been pioneering new P3 models to finance projects, especially with roads. They sell private firms the right to operate a road for a set time. The firm pays for the road construction and maintenance out of their own pocket, and recoups the cost through tolls over the entire time frame.

      Zero cost for the government, zero risk. This is the model we need to adopt to finance our massive and growing infrastructure deficit. We just don't have enough in public coffers to afford it ourselves.