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Is Calgary favortism this far-reaching?

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  • Is Calgary favortism this far-reaching?

    Can anyone shed some light on this issue for me. An article in todays Journal highlighted an emergency, closed door meeting between Edmonton's elite and Mayor Stephen Mandel as they had serious concerns over the dismantling of Edmonton's Capital Region Health Board some months ago. The article seemed to indicate that concerned Edmontonians were now under the impression our cities glorious reputation as a medical and health leader was going to be overshadowed by the newly appointed provincial 'Superboard'. To add insult to injury 12 members of the Capital Health Region were let go, but two members from Calgary were kept on. Am I missing something here, or does this all make absolutely NO sense.

    Check out the article for your reference:


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    there are threads about this already...
    and, yes, it may not be necessarily about favouring calgary as much as favouring private health. calgary has already more than their share of these. their health board (like education by the way) wasn't coping and running deficits. if the whole of alberta goes down with them, then there once again will be a manufactured need to go private or a P3.


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      We can only hope that those two Calgary members were chosen because of their qualifications, but it seems to me that Capital Health was a better run board than Calgary Health so it would seem odd that nobody from Capital Health stayed on.

      Note: I'm trying very hard to be diplomatic but really I believe we got screwd again.


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        Originally posted by grish View Post
        there are threads about this already...
        Related threads yes, but this addresses a very specific point and I think it deserves a separate thread.


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          ^ What's Liepert's answer to this.
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            I've heard about this Edmonton vs Calgary thing for quite some time, even when I lived in the lower mainland. Is there anything that can be done to prove once and for all that there is this favoritism? The evidence is astounding if you look at what is presented here and in other forums I read.
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              the problem is, it is only a problem here.


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                In regards to two Calgary Health board members being appointed to the super board, well, there are many factors that could have come up as to why Capital Health members weren't appointed.

                Remember that we had Capital Health people resigning first and there was no doubt a lot of personal reasons and back room politicing that we will never catch wind of.
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                  No kidding...
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