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Here's reality: capital region is one big city

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    ^ while I would have loved to see a direct downtown -> airport rail link in Toronto, the "Airport Rocket" from Kipling subway station along Hwy. 427 to Pearson was surprisingly convenient. Definitely convenient enough that the thought of spending BILLIONS to shave 9 or 10 minutes off a 30 minute trip doesn't make much sense economically.

    I will give partial credit for being able to simplify the trip downtown, (a bit practially through eliminating the bus to subway xfer, mostly only psychologically), for visitors from outside T.O.


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      In actual fact, that bus puts you at the westernmost station on the Bloor Line, which one could transfer to (for free) and get into downtown Toronto in about 15 minutes.[/QUOTE]

      Again, which is the equivalent of taking a bus to South Ed abnd then transferring to another bus to get downtown. Not to mention, the odysssey you would have getting to Scarbourough or east Toronto.


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        ^ correction - it would be like taking a bus from the airport, to Century Park (in 2010) and hoping on an LRT...
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