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City eyes expansion south to airport

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    Originally posted by Medwards View Post
    I think its a bit of a catch 22... or a damn if we do, damned if we dont...

    This is why a regional development plan needs to happen. As long as communities outside the borders of Edmonton are allowed to sprawl mindlessly, so should Edmonton. Why should Edmonton make itself non-competitive in trying to attract new residents..?
    I totally understand what you are saying here... it is really important that we try to play on a level playing field.


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      Originally posted by Medwards View Post
      Why should Edmonton make itself non-competitive in trying to attract new residents..?
      Why would we be uncompetitve? We will have world class infill developments for new citizens, not to mention revitalized neighborhoods as seniors move into condos (many of them downtown - many new residents will head here first too). Century Park will offer plenty of space for those who must live in the South. We should strive to be the premium destination, not the downmarket one. The place where commutes are reasonable as our footprint is reasonable, and the downtown the premium place to be. Let Stoney Plain and Leduc carry on their low cost golf course housing expansions, it fills a niche in the market for those who don't mind commuting 20-30 minutes to the big smoke, but Edmonton doesn't have to pay for the direct maintenance cost that results from that niche.

      I agree a regional plan would be better, but it is not neccesary. Leadership is about leading, not following, being willing to embrace change, even if it is a fundamental change from the past. We don't always have to chase the lowest buck. As the biggest player in the Region, it is time IMO, for Edmonton to take charge and show the way forward.
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        Stuck On Density - Don't Miss The Big Picture

        Originally posted by moahunter View Post
        "What you fail to acknowlegde or understand is if the city of Edmonton does annex this land it will be in control of future residential development to the south and not the county of Leduc or some new town that may pop up on the outskirts of the city. The city of Edmonton simply has to take control as development accelerates towards the airport
        I can live with Edmonton annexing the land, but I don't think it should be with the purpose of building residential developments. What you fail to miss, is that once Edmonton has control over this land, it also have responsibility for it. We have to shovel the snow, build a new recreation facility, maintain roads, provide transit, maintain parks, deal with re-zonings, etc. (the City is struggling to manage this with our existing footprint given how short labour is). While on the surface, we increase tax take, we also depress it in existing neighborhoods relative to what that take could be if development was pushed in, instead of out. If the city is serious about seeing developments like Century Park, VFC, Strathearn, Aurora proceed in the next generation or so, not to mention new townhomes in the inner city north, development of land in the North East, the Muni lands, the Quarters, and filling the empty lots downtown, it should IMO be aiming to green belt / industry belt this land. " QUOTE BY MOAHUNTER

        The City should move quickly to annex the subject land for oodles of reasons. Edmonton should also plan for higher density within its borders. Planning to do both is the best strategy going forward.

        Edmonton's last annexation occurred 27 years ago and our future plan should incorporate a 30 to 50 year supply of land for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Without annexation we will run out of land in the south somewhere between 10 to 20 years out. In the interim the County of Leduc has an approved ASP that allows for low density residential to be built in the subject area( 320 units per 160 acres)...Without annexing the land we will see sprawl occur at our southern borders in the near future...

        Annexation will allow the City to be more competitive by offering a long term supply of land to continue to attract people and industry to our City. Controlling the area will allow the City to build the infrastructure required (ie. LRT expansion) to continue to be progressive and competitive over the long term.

        Land banking the land is not a reasonable option as significant compensation would be owed to the landowners whose land values would be wiped out by such a move ( say 20,000 acres at $50,000 per acre equals One qBillion Dollars +/-)

        With respect to increasing the density of future residential development this is a "no brainer". My issue is that increased residential density in Edmonton can work quite nicely with annexation...

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          I noticed a lot of equipment standing along the rural road one mile north of Hwy 19 west of qe2. Sureway has erected a large sign in the field there to say they are hiring. I'm wondering if they are going ahead with the Crossroads ASP now that COE is annexing the land.
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            ^ airport runway 3?
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              No, it's further north, across from Flamans on Hwy 2. Google Crossroads ASP. It wouldn't copy and paste. Scroll down to the maps.
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                Originally posted by Drumbones View Post
                No, it's further north, across from Flamans on Hwy 2. Google Crossroads ASP. It wouldn't copy and paste. Scroll down to the maps.
                The land being stripped and serviced by Sureway is part of the Crossroads ASP and is owned by Remington Developments. The land was acquired in 2006 and development has been thwarted by Alberta Transportation and the City of Edmonton. It is great to see new industrial development finally starting on the site.


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                  Some maps and documents in the to be amended lands. Remington does not all the land - and the site Urbantown mentioned may be owned by Rohit? Remax map shows large parcel of land for sale.

                  Crossroads Area Structure Plan - document prepared by Focus for Remington Development Land - err Page 11 for close-up on who owns what land in the proposed Crossroad development.

                  Capital Corridor (Discovery Business Park) - a proposed development by Rohit Group of Companies

                  Remax Maps: Land for Sale

                  Leduc County Land Ownership Map 1 - detailed
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                    I certainly hope there's a right-of-way for the LRT.
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                    • ^ The map shown on page 31 of the Area Structure Plan linked above by EdmTrekker shows a transit corridor following RR252. I'm assuming this will be for future LRT. On an earlier page there's a bulleted list with the entry: "municipal transit corridor has been identified."

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