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Strathcona County Hospital plans halted

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  • Strathcona County Hospital plans halted

    Hospital plans halted
    City tells council to delay bylaws

    by Dave S. Clark
    Wednesday April 18, 2007

    Coun. Peter Wlodarczak thought the passing of several land use policy changes for the hospital site would be a “slam dunk.” But due to a letter sent by the City of Edmonton, council is holding off passing them.
    At last Tuesday’s meeting, when three readings of the bylaws were to take place, council found its hands tied due to the letter, which states four issues with the bylaws.
    “This is just another move in a game of challenges,” said Mayor Cathy Olesen.
    One issue is the proposed hospital site is too close to the city’s Aurum industrial area, which is directly north of Sherwood Park, but is city territory. The industrial park has been developing for several years, but Edmonton is now planning to bring more heavy industry to the area.
    The letter stated city officials weren’t given the bylaws to review as legally required, but Olesen said three different parties were given copies.
    The letter, which was written by city manager Al Maurer, also stated the hospital plans were premature because it is to be located in an area that Edmonton and the county are jointly studying and because it may have an effect on the mediation of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP.)

    Last month, council was put in a similar position when Edmonton sent a letter of objection to the MDP, which is a document that will plan growth in the county over the next 20 years, including the new growth node. Mediation between the two municipalities on the matter started on Monday.
    Olesen said she wants the issue to be resolved as soon as possible because work on the hospital is expected to commence this summer. She said what she feared was the disagreement ending up in court, delaying the construction of the hospital.
    Edmonton senior planner Marlene Exener said the city wanted to postpone the bylaws simply because it needed a chance to review them, before council went ahead with approval.
    The letter also said it was the county that first raised the issue of the proximity of the proposed hospital to Edmonton’s industrial land which “has been operating within 3 km of the proposed hospital site for several years already and should have been taken into account by Strathcona County and Capital Health in their seach for a hospital site.”
    But in a letter replying to the city, Strathcona Chief Commissioner Bill Sutherland said the proposal to put heavy industrial in the Aurum area is contradictory to what city administration had previously stated. Sutherland wrote that in a joint meeting with the county, the city and the Aurum developers it was stated that the heavy industrial zoning wouldn’t continue to grow closer to county residents and the plan for the area would be amended to reflect that.
    Although Olesen and several councillors were very upset about the postponement, MLA and former health minister Iris Evans said she wasn’t concerned that the hospital is in jeopardy.
    She said she spoke with Mandel on Thursday evening and was told that an agreement should be coming very soon, as the city doesn’t have any substantial disagreements with the plan.
    “Council is disappointed but I’m very hopeful it will proceed,” said Evans, who spent a lot of time working on getting approval of the hospital.
    In Sutherland’s letter he wrote that council would deal with the remainder of the readings on the bylaws on Tuesday, April 24.
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    Hospital will be approved: Evans

    Hospital will be approved: Evans
    Final decision on $88-million facility awaits review of projects across the province
    By Jodie Sinnema, Edmonton JournalJune 13, 2009

    Despite growing community skepticism that a new hospital will actually be built as promised in Sherwood Park, area MLA Iris Evans told The Journal the hospital is coming.

    "I don't see it as something that's still on the wish list. I see it as something that's approved," said Evans, also Alberta's finance minister.

    "It's taking longer, and under the circumstances of diminishing dollars and the health-care deficits, it's not surprising they are taking the time to review the scope."

    But Rob Parker has grown wary of promises.

    "It's been 15 years she's been promising this, and three elections," said Parker, 76, who lives in Sherwood Park. "We've all got a sneaking hunch it's not going to be a hospital. Where is this mystical money?"

    Evans said the province has committed $88 million to the project, but April's budget shows only$44.5 million will be spent on the project over the next three years. Construction has stopped while the health department reviews the scope of this project as well as many others around the province because of falling revenues.

    Full Story:


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      I think if there is any location in Alberta that would benefit from some kind of health care facility, it would be Strathcona County, having about 90,000 people.
      "Talk minus action equals zero." - Joe Keithley, D. O. A.


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        What are they spending 44 million on if they're not actually building anything yet other than having done a bit of site work?

        Meanwhile there's entire buildings that have been constructed that sit empty. Your tax dollars hard at not-work.


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          Best thing to happen for Strathcona County is to have Iris Evans as Finance Minister in the Alberta government.


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            great the gov't will build this health facility, but the health board won't allow it to be staffed.

            hmmmm do we see a problem here?
            "Do you give people who already use transit a better service, or do you build it where they don't use it in the hopes they might start to use it?" Nenshi


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              watch: the government will find a saviour (i.e. a private corporation that will "take this problem off of our hands"). There is nothing like finding a solution to a self-made problem.