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Capital region municipalities study integrated transit network

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  • Capital region municipalities study integrated transit network

    EDMONTON - Twelve municipalities in the capital region have agreed to jointly fund a study on the possibility of creating an integrated transit network.

    “That’s a pretty good consensus and show of good faith,” said Don Iveson, chair of the Capital Region Board’s transit committee.

    The one-year study, funded with $85,000 from the municipalities and a $165,000 grant from the provincial government, will look at the benefits of setting up a regional commission. The provincial grant was announced Tuesday.

    Edmonton, St. Albert and Strathcona County currently all run separate bus systems. With other municipalities renting buses and starting to experiment with skeleton service, the region is heading for 10 separate transit systems, said Iveson.

    Even without a commission, the cities could find ways to use common bus tickets or smart cards. “It’s easier to do if we’re all working together,” Iveson said.

    The study will determine if a central commission could find efficiencies and would be better placed to lobby for provincial and federal dollars.
    “You have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea.” - Mayor Stephen Mandel, 02/22/2012

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    Long overdue! I hope that something can be accomplished to have some better regional cooperation . This region needs to be laced together in planned manner.


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      Sounds like a good idea - I hope if this gets implemented they keep the name 'capital' out of the systems name; something like metro edmonton transit, or if I remember correctly from another thread a while back, someone suggested GET (greater edmonton transit) with the clever GET on board!


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        GET and GO!
        "Do you give people who already use transit a better service, or do you build it where they don't use it in the hopes they might start to use it?" Nenshi


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          I think that it would be great to see some of the suburban buses synchronized with Edmonton buses, in terms of timings. Also, Edmonton Transit could go to places like Millennium Place (Sherwood Park) or Servus CU Place (St. Albert), there could be a tradeoff with Metro Edmonton Transit systems.
          "Talk minus action equals zero." - Joe Keithley, D. O. A.


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            Here's Lightrail's Map from a few years ago:

            "Talk minus action equals zero." - Joe Keithley, D. O. A.


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              So far, Spruce Grove, St. Albert, Morinville, Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park and Leduc have some kind of service to Edmonton. I imagine that Edmonton Garrison, Beaumont and Stony Plain could also be included.
              "Talk minus action equals zero." - Joe Keithley, D. O. A.


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                Nothing new here... or
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                  Bring on the commuter trains to Parkland and Leduc County.