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Ward 8 councillor to run for reelection

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  • Ward 8 councillor to run for reelection

    "Another current member of City Council has shed light on his plans heading into fall’s municipal election.

    Councillor Ben Henderson announced Thursday that he would seek reelection in his southeast Edmonton ward.

    “I’m proud of the work that we have done in creating a long term plan for this city and I’m committed to fulfilling that vision,” Henderson said in a press release."

    From a few days ago and probably announced with little fanfare as this looks like the only news story out there.

    Edit: I did notice this being mentioned in other stories but more as an aside to the main story.
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    Awesome. BenHen is great.
    They're going to park their car over there. You're going to park your car over here. Get it?


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      Sure. Ben does a good job. It never hurts to make someone work for their seat though.


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        Candidates running so far:

        Ben Henderson
        Edmonton first, everything else second.


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          He's good at providing contacts within and outside City Hall on issues of my concern, and he has forwarded many of my letters to council and to departments - who all responded in kind. Great commitment to the area, community, culture... a little too hippy for me at times, but if everyone is in the middle on something sometimes it never hurts to push to one side a little harder for the sake of the area's interests and that of the City. Ward 8: My favorite ward and getting better every day. Go Big Ben!
          Live and love... your neighbourhood.


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            I wish Ben would have stayed DT
            "Do you give people who already use transit a better service, or do you build it where they don't use it in the hopes they might start to use it?" Nenshi


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              I've had reason to spend time in the area of 84 avenue and 101 street lately. Wow, just brutal. I hope residents are grilling Henderson and the other candidates about the reckless drivers roaring through their neighbourhood trying to avoid traffic on Whyte. Somethings got to give.


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                “You have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea.” - Mayor Stephen Mandel, 02/22/2012


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                  Originally posted by ajs View Post
                  Sure. Ben does a good job. It never hurts to make someone work for their seat though.
                  This is true to a point I suppose, but if a long time incumbent who is well-liked and has no big scandals looming is running for re-election, anything you throw into the campaign even as small as the filing fee is almost wasted money.

                  I'm relatively new to the city and don't have any experience in politics beyond voting and keeping up on current events, but if Henderson ever chose not to run again I'd give it a shot. Why not.