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Rossdale City Redevelopment Plan

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  • Rossdale City Redevelopment Plan

    My only issue with the development is that from the Core / Downtown ... they are reducing Rossdale Road southbound to River Valley Road to 1 active lane during most of the day and night - except for peak rush hour. With 104th Street being removed from use - this will create jams because of left turning in to the so called retail area - meaning traffic is at a standstill waiting for someone to cut across the oncoming northbound traffic and then also delays because people are parking and brake and wiggle into parking spots from an active lane. An extra southbound lane all the way to connect to River Valley Road would prevent this and improve traffic flow. Most people living in Rossdale and the lower "core" use Rossdale/Rover Valley to wrap around to the west end up through Groat Ravine. Otherwise the plan looks OK provided that 3rd lane is added southbound and not lost because of a gondola.

    So much for a quick route to downtown ... visitors are being subjected to delays on Whyte and now this. No wonder even Edmontonians avoid the core.