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Blatchford Field project

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    I've long admitted that this is at least a 10-25 year project. Likely longer.

    I dont think we meet the timelines either. I think the city put unreasonable timeframes together on it... but I still support merit of the project. Perhaps this "extra" time has gave chance for a a second of thought... all these green ideas just might not work as well as originally thought ...
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      I wasn't clear...I didn't mean you should admit the long timelines...I meant the project and many of the boosters...

      If this extra time has given sober second thought...then they need to just say fact, I'd applaud this courage and smart thinking!!! This project needs to be afforded the time and patience to be done look at all the opportunities...and to not be the next "Oliver Square".

      ...but then...stop with this headlong rush to do things poorly and haphazardly in the name of expediency for long communicated residents and timelines that at best...are next to impossible to achieve. Stop with the drive to do things that are pure economic suicide to this $500 million dollar ROI that was communicated time and time again...when communication I guess was "convenient"...

      Overpromise and underdeliver does not give one credibility...
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        Originally posted by RichardS View Post
        ...for I am hoping the legacy of this area is not just another vinyl sided area. That has been my personal concern for the end result all along.

        Good luck with that !

        Originally posted by RichardS View Post
        No, every time projects (eg EXPO) go secret squirrel in administration land...that usually means trouble. A key issue with EXPO is that, in the name of "competitive secrecy" no one wanted to talk about aspects that would make people actually want this. I'll bet that after the initial salvo...most people didn't even know the EXPO bid was going on until it absolutely and very publicly cratered...
        Yeah, everyone Top_Dawg talked to was at first clueless about the EXPO bid.

        And then when they were informed of the multi $Billion price tag - invariably their response was ' I know dem ******** iz stupid but have they now lost even their last two brain cells ? '.

        Originally posted by RichardS View Post
        Truth is...just admit already this is a 30-50 year project...that shovels are some time off...that it is being completely rethought now...that the vast majority of items put into this were overpromised and blue sky dreaming, and then recover without throwing out the baby with the bathwater...(aka keep some of the amenities like the hill).

        Yeah shutting down that airport is really proving to be an urgent priority.


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          I'm sure this is old news for some of you (since this picture is probably over a year old) but I just noticed on Google maps that a chunk of the runway's been removed.

          Note to self: don't use that runway anymore.


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            That piece of runway as well of most of 04/22 which was known as Delta taxiway was removed about 2 years ago.

            Talking to the workers at the time they were shocked at the depth and strength of the concrete.

            These are not roadways

            They are 50+ year old very deep (for a road) extremely hard concrete.

            Be interesting to watch them deal with them.

            In my highly biased personal opinion