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Iveson calls overpaid City Staff “Collegues”

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  • Iveson calls overpaid City Staff “Collegues”

    Iveson in today’s EJ quote on the issue with the LRT electrical issue: ““It is what it is. Until we understand why this happened, there’s not much point in speculating, and I’m confident our “colleagues” in transit are just working to restore the service and investigate what happened, and get everything back running,” he said.”

    So staff employed by the City - are “colleagues” as the Major thinks he is employed by the City the same way. Iveson has forgetten he has a short term political appointment without provision for renewal from City Voters. His “job “” is to represent Voters - not suck up to City employed union staff. That Ivwaon thinks he is everyone’s buddy sickens me. Do your frickin “job” Iveson - including cuts needed to balance the budget!! The sooner Iveson is voted out the better Edmonton taxpayers will be financially.

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    What? Have you been to a council meeting, or do you understand the relationship between council and city staff? It is very much a working relationship, with both groups making strategic decisions to find a middle ground that works for everyone.

    It's not sucking up to the union to try and work with your staff instead of against them. It's called a functional government, being at odds with each other doesn't help anyone, and certainly doesn't get mistakes fixed.

    in regards to this situation specifically, how does cutting wages and budget help in this situation? Less money to fix the issue, and less skilled staff (lower wages only encourages skilled workers to find work in the private sector).