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election night onward - Don Iveson elected

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  • I listened to As It Happens last night. That was the second time they had the two mayors on the program. As It Happens seems to regard them as the new superstars of Canadian civic politics, and rightfully so. Both of them are so darned articulate and speak with obvious intelligence. How wonderful!!!
    Fly Edmonton first. Support EIA


    • The emails and listener response was HUGE!

      It be awesome if these two co hosted a radio show... a la rob ford but done right.
      "Do you give people who already use transit a better service, or do you build it where they don't use it in the hopes they might start to use it?" Nenshi


      • Great sense of teamwork and cooperation. I like how they exemplified that other provinces have granted City Charters, and with Alberta as a power-house, why do we not have one yet. Great to see harmonious dedication on this front.
        Live and love... your neighbourhood.


        • 20 Questions with Mayor Iveson

          “You have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea.” - Mayor Stephen Mandel, 02/22/2012


          • Originally posted by Sonic Death Monkey View Post
            "Establishment" is what it is...the political, community and business leadership. Call it "big boys club".

            I have posted Liebovici's full endorsement list. As you can see, a lot of heavy hitters and recognizable names.


            Vivian Abboud
            Eli & Caroline Abboud
            Sam Abouhassan
            Marvin Abugov
            Jack & Jeannie Agrios
            Paul & Beth Allard
            Denny Andrews
            Jan Archbold
            Jane Batty
            Diane Bergeron
            Don & Marina Berry
            Naresh Bhardwaj
            Salim Bhimji
            Bob & Marilyn Blakely
            Paul Boparai
            Gordon & Diane Buchanan
            Judy & Harry Buddle
            Debby Carlson
            Terry Cavanagh
            Sine & Seham Chadi
            Jake & Wisam Chadi
            Sid & Louise Chadi
            Bill Chahal
            Perry Chahal
            John & Maggie Cherwick
            John Chomiak
            Frank Cimino
            Lana Cuthbertson
            John Cutler
            Hal Danchilla
            Dr. Adriana Davies
            Bill Daye
            Karyn Decore
            Anne Marie Decore
            Dennis Ducharme
            Dennis Erker
            Eli & Antoinette Estephan
            Pat & Wendy Fair
            Bassem Fares
            Farhat Farhat
            Rino Filippelli
            Ken Fiske
            Raeanne Forbes
            Lance Frazier
            Barbara Fung
            Raimond Fung
            Lawrence Giacobbo
            Cllr. Ed Gibbons
            Crystal Graham
            Tim Grover
            Larry & Adibi Hahn
            Ray Hajar
            Joe Hak
            Sid Hanson
            Dave & Erin Hardy
            Jon Havelock
            David Hennessey
            Mike Henry
            Jane Hewes
            Mei Hung
            Jibril Ibrahim
            Ninele Jackson
            Shiraz Jiwani
            Krishan Joshee
            Raymond & Therese Karam
            Steve Kates
            Catherine Keill
            Muru Khamisi
            Stephen Kindred
            Irv & Diane Kipnes
            Lap Cheuk Kwong
            Betty Lafferty
            Larry Langley
            Jeanne Lehman
            Michael Lohner
            Wilf Ladores
            Betty Loree
            Thomas Lukaszuk
            Rod Lumabi
            Karen MacKenzie
            Dan MacLennan
            Crystal McPhee
            John Mah
            John Mahon
            Josh Miller
            Shelley Miller
            Dr. Dennis Modry
            Beth Mossop
            Mike Mrdjenovich
            Sally Munro
            Hatem Naboulsi
            Dr. Thomas & Melanie Nakatsui
            Thanh Nguyen
            Amanda Nielson
            Mark Norris
            Sandra Palazzo
            Nawaz Panhwer
            Terry Paranych
            Larry Pempeit
            Tony Pino
            Peter Pino
            Jeff Polovich
            Sandy Pon
            Nancy Power
            Ted Power
            Dave Purewal
            Sohail Quadri
            Hasoon Rahal
            Janet M. Riopel
            Jeff Robinson
            Nelson Rodriguez
            Sol Rolingher
            Cathy Roozen
            Robert Rosen
            Claudette Roy
            Father Joseph Salame
            Issam Saleh
            Martin Salloum
            Bruce Saville
            Elexis Schloss
            Allan & Marianne Scott
            Peter Sekulic
            Claire Seo
            Ali Shaben
            Mike Shawar
            Yasser Shawar
            Kathleen Smith
            Bill & Marlene Smith
            Jeff Smith
            Peter & Paula Sorrell
            Phil & Nicole Stephen
            Khalid Tarabain
            Liz Tweedle
            Crystal Urban
            Van Vuong
            Kathy Watson
            Bob & Marilyn Westbury
            Dick Wong
            Richard Wong
            Sally Wu
            Alice Xiao
            David Xiao
            Sofia Yaqub
            Arlene Yakeley
            Henry Yip
            how about the list of Iveson's supporters ??
            Edmonton Rocks Rocks Rocks


            • Don Iveson's favorite TV show is The Wire? The more I know about the man, the more I like him!
              “Son, one day this will be an iconic structure shaping Edmonton’s skyline.”