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Four Mayors, Young, Progressive and Connected

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  • Four Mayors, Young, Progressive and Connected

    Fun article, also talks a bit about how they have party system in Vancouver:

    A policy nerd, a connector, an extrovert; The mayors of Canada's largest Western Canadian cities - young, male, progressive and powerful - have acquired considerable clout with the federal Liberal government.


    Who is the biggest policy nerd?

    All three mayors can talk at some length about their policy initiatives, which all adhere to current trends among progressive urbanists. They all have big transit projects in the works - something that Justin Trudeau specifically promised money for during his election campaign.

    They're all working on bringing density to their cities, as a way of improving affordability and livability. They all have initiatives to deal with poverty and homelessness.

    Climate change and energy efficiency are prominent topics, especially in Edmonton and Vancouver. Mr. Iveson emphasized that Edmonton has the country's first commercial building that is "net zero" in energy - it generates as much as it uses - and the highest number of net-zero homes in any Canadian city.

    There are bike lanes all over Calgary and they're being discussed in Edmonton. But, during his interview, Mr. Iveson, to make a point, pulled out from an office cupboard a plastic-coil-bound, four-inch-deep task-force report written in 1957 about amalgamation in Edmonton. Ding, winner of the policy-nerd competition.