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Edmonton Police Service switching to black and white cars

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    We had yellow and white earlier, everybody went to white about 1990 because of the higher resale value and cheaper paint cost. Not sure if CN or EPS using white cars came 1st.

    At what point does it become impersonation?

    The Alberta Peace Officer Act states
    "If the Minister is of the opinion that the uniform, insignia, vehicle markings or other signs or symbols employed by a person or organization are so similar to those used by a peace officer that the public or a member of the public might be misled, the Minister may, by order in writing served on that person or organization, require the person or organization to desist from the use of that uniform or insignia or those markings, signs or symbols."

    The full text is here;

    But the Justice minister can order a company to desist, I think Palladin Security might be pushing the issue a bit, but then our cops will probably never drive Prii (Toyota's pluralization of Prius)
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      ^The example wasn't meant to accuse anyone of impersonation. Just to highlight why the EPS thinks that their color scheme is not particularly distinctive and has decided to switch to the black/white scheme. CN Police cruisers are common within the city limits (Walker Yard and surrounding area) which can be quite confusing. One of the CN Constables once joked with me that their cruisers add to the perception that the north side is more heavily patrolled.


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        ^^ Prii. I like that. Anyway, 'black cars look better in the rain, da-da-da da-da-da da-da'.
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          I like this design myself. But you cant please everybody!


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            Umm Komrade be careful you may have some birds crash bombing into them.


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              Originally posted by howie View Post
              ^^ Prii. I like that. Anyway, 'black cars look better in the rain, da-da-da da-da-da da-da'.
              I think you actually mean ... ' black cars look better in the shade

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                ^ Ah! Thanks.
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                  Looking at this photo - seems at least one car has already been converted?

                  (from this story:
                  A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices.


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                    When the original article was printed they said they had already painted a bunch:

                    Knecht said he inspected a row of newly painted black and white cruisers Friday night and said the move had been well received by front line officers.

                    “They’re all fitted up in the garage and they look really good,” he said.

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                      OPP have them here in Ontario and they're not distinctive until your close up, by which time they've nailed you for speeding. Actually, cruised by one today parked at the highway - cruised by at 120/km in a 100/km and he/she didn't bat an eye so...
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                        Calgary police cars to go black and white again
                        ‘It’s about getting back to our roots,’ says Chief Rick Hanson
                        BY CLARA HO, CALGARY HERALD APRIL 7, 2012

                        "Other police departments in North America, including Edmonton, Victoria, and Vancouver, are also returning to the classic colour scheme, but Thrower insists Calgary isn’t jumping on the bandwagon.

                        “We were doing our own thing when we suddenly realized everybody else was thinking the same thing.”



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                          Originally posted by Komrade View Post

                          I like this design myself. But you cant please everybody!
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                            Originally posted by Paul Turnbull View Post
                            Instead of going retro maybe we should look to the future:

                            Of course we'll need these for the chases:

                            Given budget cuts we'll probably end up with these:

                            I wonder how these are working out:

                            Ford reveals its first pursuit-rated hybrid police car | Driving

                            “Ford said at US$2.50 per gallon for gas, the hybrid would save a police department US$3,877 per year in fuel costs per vehicle. The price of the hybrid, available in the summer of 2018, isn’t being released just yet.”