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  • Public transportation in U.S.
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    “Then it stopped. Since December 16, 1940, New York has not opened another new subway line,“

    Why New York City Stopped Building Subways


    “In the first decades of the 20th century, New York City experienced an unprecedented infrastructure boom. Iconic bridges, opulent railway terminals, and much of what was then the world’s largest underground and rapid transit network were constructed in just 20 years. Indeed, that subway system grew from a single line in 1904 to a network hundreds of miles long by the 1920s. It spread rapidly into undeveloped land across upper Manhattan and the outer boroughs, bringing a wave of apartment houses alongside.

    Then it stopped. Since December 16, 1940, New York has not opened another new subway line, aside from a handful of small extensions and connections. Unlike most other great cities, New York’s rapid transit system remains frozen in time: Commuters on their iPhones are standing in stations scarcely changed from nearly 80 years ago.

    Indeed, in some ways, things have moved backward. The network is actually considerably smaller than it was during the Second World War, and...”
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      ^ from the article, inflation adjusted subway construction costs are 8 times what they were in the 1980's.

      Sound familiar. Here in River City, our entire first line from Belvedere to Central cost only $65M. Now we can't build anything near that cost.

      Face it, LRT will never be affordable to build again for the exact same reasons as NYC's subways.
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        Disagree PRT. LRT can still be built affordably, but we need to make better use of existing right of ways, instead of trying to push it into most expensive possible routes.

        and if what you said is true, the same logic applies to any mass transit solution. LRT, Streetcar, subway, GRT, PRT, Gondolas, Zeppelins... etc.
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