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    Thanks for that. I loved the simplicity of the other, but can appreciate that many seem unable to read maps and the graphic would have thrown many off instead of trusting the document.



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      Fixing something that was never broken. The simplicity and ease of use of the London Tubes map was impeccable.

      A perfect utilitarian depiction. Get out of Heathrow, know how to use the tubes instantly.

      Although maybe its strength was ease of use for tourists and maybe residents didn't like that it wasn't scale accurate?

      Anyway kind of sad about this. The Beck version should be retained as an alternate map for tourists or anybody that prefers that map.

      In anycase sounds like an automatic opportunity for somebody to continue to publish the map that most people prefer using. I bet you'll still be able to find the Beck map around but have to pay a bit for it.

      In anycase the article is so misworded. "Confusing" "Dificult to Navigate' Becks map was schematic perfection. The simplest thing to use.

      I'm left wondering how "30% of travellers that got lost" using the tubes map found their way in or out of Heathrow. Worked great for the other 70%.
      The new map will be harder to read for anybody older with less than perfect vision or in less than perfect lighting conditions. The simplicity and perfection of the Beck map is being able to navigate on the fly, while on the tube, while walking to the station..
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        It will be interesting to see how well this works but I expect the 30 per cent of travellers getting lost has more to do with the overall size and complexity of London than any failing of the tube map. I look at the the two of them and think that for trying to navigate between two stations with one or more transfers is going to be easier on the Beck version. Route finding is all about nodes rather than the physical geography. That said I do like the new one for seeing the physical geography. Personally an interface that could move between the two would be ideal.

        In the end it's kind of moot as most navigation is going to be by people punching start and end points into an app and following the directions.

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          Originally posted by sundance View Post
          I personally never had a problem with the Harry Beck version of the map. But there is one that is accurate geographically.
          After 80 Years of Confusing People, the London Underground Has an Accurate Map

          The Gizmodo reporter appears to have never studied geography or human geography. Maps are representations intended to convey particular geographic information. No map is completely accurate.

          The Beck tube map is very accurate in conveying what it was intended to convey: the relationship between various tube lines and where they intersect. The new version is very good at showing tube lines in the physical geography of London but I think will be pretty confusing for actual route finding. When I'm trying to get between two points on the tube, all I care about is where the lines intersect, not the intricacies of every turn and curve over the geography of London.
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          "For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong"


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            My comment on that Gizmodo article is best summed up in one fine and emphatic English descriptor: Bollocks!

            The Beck map is a superb example of form and function. It'll never be bettered. I have a 1914 edition of a London Gazetteer and the tube maps in there have more in keeping with the new ones being proffered now. Mr. Beck did everyone a favour.
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