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    Waterloo signs light rail vehicle contract

    CANADA: Bombardier Transportation announced on August 21 that it had signed a C$66m contract to supply 14 Flexity Freedom light rail vehicles to the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. The trams will be used on the 19 km Stage 1 of the ION light rail line that is scheduled to open between Waterloo and Kitchener in 2016. The contract includes an option for 14 additional vehicles.

    Assembly will take place at Bombardier’s plant in Thunder Bay, and deliveries are scheduled for the second half of 2016. The five-module, 100% low-floor vehicles will be 30·2 m long and 2 650 mm wide, and will be equipped for regenerative braking.
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    ^ nice
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      Man, that is one ugly train.

      Shark-noses are fine for ultra high speed trains, but are ridiculous and inappropriate for glorified streetcars.


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        Duplicate topic.... OP, please pay more attention, as you yourself created the original one.
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          Nice vehicle, ugly route. It leaves the main drag for a couple stops only to wind it's way back. That would be very frustrating as a rider.


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            I am in Waterloo right now and as a former resident my wife approves of the route. Personally I feel that the region is way to suburban to support this system. University of Waterloo is on a vast open campus very different from the U of A.
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              This line has been delayed as well, with the quoted reason being issues with the vehicles. Toronto and Edmonton are using the same model of LRV and Metrolinx recently imposed penalties on Bombardier over continually missed deadlines.