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Bordeaux - CitadisTrams using APS ground-level power supply technology

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  • Bordeaux - CitadisTrams using APS ground-level power supply technology

    MUCH more cost effective and a better fit in dense areas. I wish Edmonton had this throughout.

    "This fleet consists of 118 trams of 44 metres in length and 12 trams of 33 metres. Each tram can accommodate between 218 and 300 passengers, the equivalent of more than three buses. Alstom's Citadis trams offer optimal on-board travel quality with a full low floor, air conditioning and a video-protection system, as well as audio and visual information. Up to 98% recyclable, Citadis trams help to preserve the environment.

    The Bordeaux tram network consists of four lines, with a total length of 77 kilometres. 35 kilometres are equipped with the APS ground-level power supply technology. The Citadis trams are well loved by the city’s inhabitants, who appreciate their accessibility and acknowledge that they have transformed the urban landscape. The Bordeaux tram network is one of the busiest in France, carrying more than 100 million passengers per year."

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    FWIW, Alstom was part of one of the unsuccessful parties that tried for the P3 on the Valley Line. They were partnered up with SNC Lavalin & others.

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