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Why can't we see something like this in Edmonton

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    *sob* *sigh* Thinks SE/WLRT, *grrrrr*

    Pretty extensive tunneling and very/very few level crossings.

    Well done Cowgary. Only question, seeing as this feeds into the 7th ave mall - is will this impact frequencies / capacity on NE/NW/South lines?

    I know it is just an extension of the NE line - but still adds more trains - more draw on electricity.
    ... gobsmacked


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      It will draw more electricity, but won't impact frequency, as this is just a continuation of the NE Line. The amount of trains per hour in the 7th avenue mall remains the same.
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        Exactly the same way that the 87th ave line would have coninued with no further impact on the tunnel downtown. We spent all that money just so we could end the line as soon as it came out of the tunnel. Such a waste.


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          At 1.18, why do they have the double track... similar to what is on Edmonton's LRT bridge. Always wondered that


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            $2.1 B for 12.5 km and 2.5 km underground. Nice for my hometown.


            Thought I would add this on this thread since it is an open title.
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              Another gold plated transit line built on tax payers money

              I love the participants
              SNC-Lavalin has overseen new rail lines in Vancouver that transit authorities there are very happy with, but it’s also been implicated in a kickback scheme in Libya — Swiss authorities are investigating payments made in connection with a prison-construction contract there — and a bridge-building scheme in Bangladesh so dirty that the World Bank withdrew financing.

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                Originally posted by ike9126 View Post
                At 1.18, why do they have the double track... similar to what is on Edmonton's LRT bridge. Always wondered that
                The double track is, i've heard, essentially a safety feature. if the train were to derail, the second rail would keep it close enough to the centre of the guideway so that there wouldn't be a risk of plunging off.

                They have them for the high-level streetcar.