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    I know that Waze has a carpool function on its app, but looking at their live map there appears to be only a dozen or so users in Edmonton area.

    Does anyone think that a proper carpool app could be successful in a place like Edmonton or Calgary? Reducing the number of trips taken during rush hour by 5 or 10% would have a large impact on traffic. The Waze one has a way to share costs, though I would think the costs should be split. For example at 55c/km and a 5km one way trip, the non-driver pays 2.75. Goes in to a bank and then the driver can withdraw when they hit $X. Rate the driver and the passenger (tardiness, cleanliness of vehicle, etc). The app could take 10-25c per trip as a fee.
    It would only work if there was substantial uptake, mind you it could be done by neighbourhood to begin with since most people would be commuting to/from home/work.

    Do you think it could be successful? As in would people seriously consider carpooling? I know a lot of people need to stay late, or need their car during the day, etc. But I would posit that 75-80% of workers arrive and leave work within a 10min window every single day.