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  • Good to know they're doing things right, or at least right-ish.
    There can only be one.


    • I think many things are going to start looking more right once we get this new vision for the bus network.... really looking forward to the changes.
      A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices.


      • Me too, even if it is a long time coming.
        There can only be one.


        • My Map

          Here is what I think we should be working towards as a city...
          For priorities I would start on the metro line extension north and south as soon as possible, along side the Terwilegar expansion into a proper freeway. The south west line would cut across the University farm, before tunneling under brookside and coming up in the middle of the Whitemud, then run down the center of the freeway like crowfoot in Calgary. Continuing the high floor line for a faster commuter line is what this part of the city needs, while I support the low floor urban line for the southeast and west it wouldn't fit well into the low density sprawl of the south west.

          For the central line, I think a new bridge to replace the High Level, with 2-3 lanes of tragic southbound, LRT and wide pedestrian sidewalks and cycle tracks on both sides. I love the High Level bridge but its time is coming and we need to decide what to do, refurbishing it would be costly but possible to run the LRT and shared use path across the top, however the current proposal of a 3rd bridge for the new LRT isn't ideal.

          The gondolas serve as low - medium capacity river crossings, mostly as much cheaper alternatives to transit only bridges that I think the city needs, especially the Valley Zoo to university which would greatly reduce the congestion on university ave, groat road, and fox drive, just by removing some buses from those routes.

          Along side this I support the city's new bus route plan with greater focus on speed and reliability over coverage, with such a large portion of the population driving having small community routs that offer good coverage but slow transit times was never going to work towards reducing vehicle traffic and private vehicle ownership.


          • Why is this city so afraid to elevate trackage? We bulldoze and otherwise destroy property at a whim. Take a look in the UK. Trains are not shunned. Rather embraced as a part of every day life. Designed into an area. over 20 plus years, this city decimated Mckernan/Belgravia. It created huge tie ups at Kingsway and PE and 111 ave,53 ave ect ect ect. And next, Bonnie Doon at 82 ave. What a joke. Is it any wonder when friends of mine from CGY and Red Deer saw how our LRT is laid out, they laughed. Sadly....I cannot defend mediocre designs when far better was and is an option.
            Make the RIGHT choice before you take your last breath......


            • Here's Mine!

              Link (note the station layer is turned off by default)

              In my fantasy world, the COE, starting in the early 1950's, set aside corridors in all new neighbourhoods for future elevated lines. They also provided land for Transit Centres and Park and Rides. This facilated future Subway (not an LRT!) development a great deal. The Subway runs at 60-70 KPH, not 40-50 KPH

              In my dream world all 25 existing Transit Centres are stations and I also tried to place stations where they maximize connections to bus routes. Stations are underground Downtown, Old Strathcona, Stony Plain rd from 140 st to 156 st, and University. Grade separated everywhere else except for outside the City. Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, YEG, Leduc, Spruce Grove, and Stony Plain get service.

              The existing lines are realigned as follows:

              The Capital Line NE section (elevated and submerges into a subway east of 95th, not west of it duh!) Churchill station is now NE of City Hall on 104 ave. and this line runs down 104 ave., not Jasper. And then up 124/127 st to St. Albert

              The Valley Line East has a different route in Mill Woods. It runs down Jasper ave. downtown, not 102. The Bay and Corona stations are moved a block or so west. This line splits from the Jasper Line (see below) before Corona to run east of the Legislature and the Dudley Menzes bridge is now east of the High Level. This provides for a station at Gov't Centre Transit Centre and a Garneau station at 109 st and 87 ave. Then over to the existing Capital line University station and south to YEG and Leduc.

              The Metro is now the Gateway Line running from NE, then a central north/south route to South Edmonton Commons, then West to Riverbend ending up in Windermere.

              The crosstown lines:

              The Jasper line uses existing stations downtown and becomes the proposed Valley Line West. It starts at the Capilano Transit Centre, Riverdale, Jasper ave., Stony Plain Rd., and west to Spruce Grove and Stony Plain.

              The Alberta Line runs from Abbotsfield along 118 then down to Westmount.

              The Strathcona Line starts in Sherwood Park, Wye Road, Sherwood Park Fwy, Whyte ave. then crosses the river to run down 87 ave out to Lewis Estates.

              There are a few spur lines - the idea that alternating trains take alternating spurs. I thought of doing a couple more (e.g. Ottewell/Gold Bar from the Capilano Transit Centre) but found that the TC was alread a hub for every bus in the districts. Same situation in Riverbend.

              There are 11 stations downtown, and 5 in the University area, 104 total
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              • I found this snazzy map of the proposed transit network for the Edmonton region (LRT is in red). It actually looks really nice - the Capital line is something like 50 km long which is amazing. Of course, I'll believe it when I ride it.