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    Maybe these "natives" might like the prospect of being able to be Canadian citizens with opportunities to make $100000 in Alberta working as a tradesman? Better the the average of $25000 down there,for the fortunate ones who have a job!

    Maybe they would want to be like Mexicans and wand to be on that other side of the fence with greener pastures?


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      ^ Yup. A lot of people in those developing countries are literally trapped there.

      Yeah, their weather is mostly nice and the ocean scenery is gorgeous, but there's a reason most of us decide to stay in Canada and only visit those places - most of it has do do with being able to work. They don't have the choices we do.
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        Originally posted by moahunter View Post
        I guess best case would be like Hawaii and the US.
        I lived in Hawaii for a time, and one of the first things I noticed was how many people there kept talking about their ambitions to leave and build a life on the mainland. Lots and lots of people who live in Hawaii feel trapped there and would love to be able to get into a car and drive to different states and countries.


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          Same with van island! Got family there and visit often. Can stoke the coals pretty easy by making a couple trapped/island/ ability to go to a hockey game and sleep in my bed at night/or just easily go visit friends and family without that added ferry cost lol. I'm not that mean, but definite a sentiment that exists when living on any island I suppose.