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Scheer Continues as one of Trudeau's Campaign Managers!!

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    "He shouldn't be leader because he ripped off the party to send his kids to private school"

    "Meanwhile, he'll stay on as leader until we choose someone to replace the guy that ripped off the party"

    'Tone deaf' to keep Scheer as interim leader after private school revelations: Conservative strategist

    "People know that there are going to be special exceptions to cover things like wardrobe," said Jamie Ellerton, a principal at the public relations firm Conaptus Ltd.

    But he told The Current's Laura Lynch that "to pretend that grassroots donations — $50 and $100 dollars — are [for] subsidizing the leader's children's private education, I think just doesn't sit right."

    "I think when most people hear that, they kind of recoil, and caucus kind of covering for that last night was not their finest moment," he said.

    Following the resignation, the party caucus voted unanimously to keep him on as interim leader.


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      The long knives continue...

      Tories in turmoil over firing of executive director: sources

      A battle is underway within the Conservative Party after the party’s fundraising arm (the Fund) decided to fire executive director Dustin van Vugt and launched an internal audit into how the party handles expenses.

      The board’s decision to terminate van Vugt was communicated to him and within the party HQ on Friday, but almost immediately van Vugt’s supporters questioned whether the Fund has the power to out the executive director.

      The move came less than 24 hours after Global News reported that Conservative leader Andrew Scheer was using party money to help fund his children’s private school tuition, an arrangement van Vugt took responsibility for on Thursday. In a statement, van Vugt described the arrangement as “normal practice for political parties” and said “all proper procedures were followed and signed off on by the appropriate people.”



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        Not because it was wrong. Because it could have cost them money.

        Harper, other Conservative Fund directors fired party’s top staffer to avoid donor backlash on tuition fees

        ​​​​​​Stephen Harper and other directors of the Conservative Fund dismissed the party’s executive director over the payment of private school tuition fees for Andrew Scheer’s children to avoid a backlash from donors and grassroots Conservatives, according to a source close to the former prime minister.


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          Scheer wanted to be Trump when he grew up. No dissent permitted.

          ​​​​​​Veteran Conservative MP reveals Andrew Scheer punished him for supporting cannabis legalization
          Although there was some debate in caucus, no vote was ever taken on the party's position. 'Instead, the leadership simply imposed a decision from above'

          OTTAWA — One of the longest serving Conservative MPs is urging his party to return to its democratic grassroots, and has revealed a behind-the-scenes account of how he was fired from his critic role by leader Andrew Scheer for supporting the legalization of cannabis.

          In an essay posted to his website, Scott Reid — who’s won his Ontario seat in seven straight elections going back to 2000 — says he’s not out to attack Scheer and supported him in the 2017 leadership race. Instead he’s telling the story of his firing because he feels the Conservatives have become too centralized and controlling of MPs.

          Reid estimates a third of Conservative MPs may have supported legalizing cannabis, but no caucus vote was ever taken. Instead, Scheer’s office enforced a party line vote against legalization. Reid decided to vote in favour after polling his constituents and finding a majority supported legalization.


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            To be fair, that's pretty typical for most parties in Canada now. It just happens that it's a pretty out of touch thing to force his party to toe the line on.


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              The Conservatives always make a big thing about being grassroots driven. We saw it in Alberta too. But then, once Kenney was "elected" as leader he ignored a large percentage of the resolutions passed at the party convention.


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                No doubt there was more than a little discontent with Scheer. When he met with the Ontario wing of the party shortly before the election they had a list of items that they wanted him to address regarding his messaging and reaching out. They noted that a significant minority of ON residents were muslim and that the party needed to be more inclusive. Clearly they felt Scheer didn't do enough to address their concerns.
                Did my dog just fall into a pothole???