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Alberta's Equalization Payments

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    Notice CBCs option is raise taxes. It's never be more efficient or cut corruption.
    A better option is separation, I'm tired of being a slave to Quebec and Ontario.
    That’s not CBCs position.

    Do you pay any insurance premiums? A simple reality of insurance is that as claims are made, your premiums flow out of the pool to pay those claims.

    Equalization is just a balancing pool. However it has major methodological shortcomings that ignore certain critical realities. Some bone headed top down academic thinking was behind it.
    And then the Wood Buffalo municipality can be tired of being a slave to Edmonton and Calgary.
    That is a significant point that separation boosters don't appreciate. What happens if the indigenous peoples want to remain in Canada? What happens if a large region takes a referendum and say they want to separate from Alberta? If Alberta separates, do people who want to remain in Canada have to leave and move elsewhere?

    Look at the Brexit mess and now they think that calling it Wexit will help make it as successful. FCOL

    Quebec has the same issues with the indigenous nations that have huge regions where they are the majority and are less restricted by treaty status. Moreover, the entire north of Quebec, Ungava is part of the gift from the British to the people of Canada, not Quebec.
    Advocating a better Edmonton through effective, efficient and economical transit.


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      I think the Wood Buffalo scenario would be hilarious. Alberta with it's much desired independence but the oil sand decide they want no part of it. Imagine the howls of outrage from the Wexiteers "They can't do that!!!"


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        Originally posted by OffWhyte View Post
        Originally posted by KC View Post
        Fixing equalization will not be easy, but there are other options, say experts
        Enlarging the relatively small Fiscal Stabilization Program seen as a possible solution
        Peter Zimonjic - CBC News

        “ So a province like Alberta that does not have a provincial sales tax is considered to have much more room to increase its tax revenue than a province like Quebec, which has a relatively high provincial sales tax. ”


        “ With Alberta having a very low provincial income tax, compared to other provinces, the equalization program considers Alberta as having a high fiscal capacity, or an ability to increase taxes, and therefore is deemed not in need of assistance from the federal government. ”

        Through the use of the phrase "fixing equalization" the headline of this article presupposes that the system is actually broken. However, there is no actual evidence of the system being broken, just ideologically-driven arguments in opposition to its function.
        It’s just a balancing pool. It does what it’s designed to do. There’s also all kinds of other ways to do the same thing.

        It is broken in the sense that it was designed around the time it takes the earth to go around the sun while our economy follows an uneven commodity cycle. It’s broken in the sense that in one year it strips capital out of the province that could prevent a thousands of liquidity crises in the very next year.


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          Originally posted by KC View Post
          It’s broken in the sense that in one year it strips capital out of the province that could prevent a thousands of liquidity crises in the very next year.
          What do you mean 'strips capital out of the province'? It's our federal income taxes. Are you suggesting that federal marginal tax rates float up and down based on a province's economy?